While we continue to social distance, many Girl Scout troops are getting creative with their meetings by using Zoom and other video conferencing techniques. To help get your troop’s creative juices flowing during your next virtual meeting, we’ve compiled a list of five different games you can play with your troop!

  1. Marvelous Me – for this game, the girls will get to enjoy sharing some sweet thoughts and sweet treats together! To play Marvelous Me, you’ll want to make sure ahead of time that each member has some M&M’s, Skittles, or other candy with different colors to use for the game. Each candy color represents a different question, and during the game, the girls will take turns picking a piece of candy and answering the question that corresponds with that color!  If your troop doesn’t have candy at everyone’s homes, don’t sweat it! You could repurpose this game with dice or a stack of cards too.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Race with Basic Household Items – have your girls race around their house to find a list of basic household items! Come up with a list of 3-5 items that each house is sure to have (ex: toilet paper roll, pillow, spoon, etc). Go down the list one item at a time and have the girls race to grab each item and get back to the screen.
  3. Charades – before starting the meeting, reach out to each girl individually and assign her a famous person for Charades. Once the Zoom meeting starts, each girl will take a turn acting out their assigned person while everyone else guesses who she is.
  4. Similarity Charades – if you want to make Charades more personal, Similarity Charades is the perfect game for your troop! This game will help you think of what you have in common with each other. To play, one person will start acting and the other members will watch and guess who she is. The actor will think of one thing she has in common with one other group member. She will then play charades to try to get the others to guess what she is acting out. Repeat until every girl has a turn.
  5. Virtual Simon Says – get up and get moving during your Zoom call with a virtual round of Simon Says! As long as everyone can see your movements in the Zoom call, this fun and easy “repeat after me” game can be a great way to start off your meeting.

Has your troop played a fun and creative game during a Virtual Troop Meeting? Share it with us by posting it on social media and tagging @GSMIDTN or email us at communicationsdept@gsmidtn.org.