The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador can earn, a standard of excellence achieved by few.

Completion of a Gold Award Project means a Girl Scout has left her mark on her community and her world that creates a lasting impact on the lives of others. Approximately one million Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent since 1916.

  • Girl Scout Gold Award Through the Years

    1916-1918 | Golden Eagle of Merit

    • As the original highest award for Girl Scouts, the Golden Eagle of Merit was created to recognize girls who make a difference.

    1918-1938 | Golden Eaglet

    • To earn the Golden Eaglet, girls had to achieve the rank of First Class and earn badges in 15 of 21 subjects.

    1938-1940 | First Class Patch

    • Before a Girl Scout could be awarded First Class rank, she had to choose a field of concentration and be of service.

    1940-1963 | Curved Bar

    • The Curved Bar required girls to achieve First Class rank and gain proficiency in a second area of expertise.

    1963-1980 | First Class Pin

    • To achieve the First Class Pin meant a girl was an “all around” person and earned badges in six fields. Additional challenges were developed over the years.

    1980-Present | Girl Scout Gold Award

    • The Girl Scout Gold Award was created in 1980 and has transformed to now include a Take Action Project with a suggested 80 hours of service.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award Charge

    The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is made of 113 member countries and is the largest voluntary organization for girls in the world. You have been approved by Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and Girl Scouts of the USA to be worthy of receiving the Gold Award – the highest award in Girl Scouting.

    Your position is one of honor and responsibility. As a Girl Scout, you have made a promise to serve God and your country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law. This is a tremendous contract to undertake, and as you live up to these obligations, you bring honor to yourself and all other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

    As a Gold Award Girl Scout, you have taken a journey toward becoming self-assured, courageous, compassionate, concerned, committed, and mature.

    I charge you to undertake your membership with solemn dedication. Be a leader, make strong decisions, become involved with people throughout the world, and always be aware of not only their differences but their similarities; respect yourself and your fellow citizens. Live and serve so that those who know you will be inspired to finer living. Be among those who dedicate their skills and abilities to all that is good.

    Build your country on the foundation of clean living, honesty, caring for humankind, concern for the land, and reverence for God. You will leave behind you a record for which every other Girl Scout may be justly proud.

    Gold Award Girl Scouts, will you accept this charge?

    Gold Award Girl Scouts: “We will.”

  • Agenia Clark Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership

    In 2015, the Sue Peters Foundation for Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character established this scholarship program. The scholarships are only available to Middle Tennessee Girl Scouts who have earned the Gold Award and meet specific criteria.

    Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the Agenia Clark Gold Award Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership!

    Julia Adair | Malini Boorgu | Leah Kimbro | Alexa Powers

  • Gold Award Girl Scouts

    Airis Aaron
    Troop 4012, Service Unit 51
    Title of Project: The Mirror Project
    Troop Leader: Briá Woods
    Project Advisor: Harlyn Hardin

    For her Gold Award project, Airis created a series of interviews and informational videos highlighting examples of Black women in career fields where they are traditionally underrepresented. Airis focused on this project in order to tackle perceptions of lack of representation for young Black girls and women. The videos that Airis made have been posted to YouTube and will be used by her high school during a weekly lecture series.

    Amma Aliyu
    Troop 885, Service Unit 173
    Title of Project: Making English Fun for Nigerian Youth
    Troop Leader: Sonal Gupta
    Project Advisor: Nabila Hassan

    Amma worked with the Highflyers Academy in Nigeria to teach children English. As a Nigerian-American, Amma wanted to work with the school to make learning English fun and engaging for the students there. Amma created curriculum and lesson plans for the students and worked with the resident teachers so the lessons will continue in the future.

    Emily Bednar
    Troop 1981, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Inspiring Youth in the Church
    Troop Leader: Julie Bednar
    Project Advisors: Katherine Museus Dabay & Liza Hawkins

    Emily wanted to engage young people at her church and encourage them to participate in programs and activities. To do this, Emily renovated the youth group room so that it was more comfortable and inviting. Then, Emily created better ways to communicate with the youth so that they were aware of program opportunities. Finally, Emily met with other youth in the church community to discuss new programs that they wanted within the church.

    Malini Boorgu
    Troop 899, Service Unit 173
    Title of Project: Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Masks
    Troop Leader: Heidi Corey
    Project Advisor: Kalpana Gowda

    Malini focused on making and distributing reusable masks to volunteers working in her community. Malini recognized that the community still needed volunteers to complete service projects, but that those volunteers needed to be kept safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Malini created a YouTube video explaining the current situation of COVID-19, as well as the future effects of it.

    Ella Callahan
    Troop 869, Service Unit 46
    Title of Project: Busy Boards
    Troop Leader: Shelia Story
    Project Advisor: Kathy Steakley

    Ella worked with a preschool to create activity boards for children with learning and/or physical challenges. The Busy Boards that Ella made are used by children during the school day to help with concentration and soothe sensory challenges that a child may be having. Ella also created a YouTube video to teach others how to make the boards.

    Olivia Cass
    Troop 832, Service Unit 46
    Title of Project: Finish Fast Fashion
    Troop Leader: Courtney Kihlberg
    Project Advisor: Marcia Masulla

    Olivia worked to educate people about the harmful effects that fast fashion has on the environment. To do this, Olivia hosted a program for Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies to teach them about fast fashion alternatives like thrifting, upcyling, and donating clothes. Olivia made her project sustainable by giving educators access to her program lesson plans and an essay she wrote about the topic.

    Alaina Chandler
    Troop 2604, Service Unit 80
    Title of Project: “We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands”: Developing Strength with Therapy Putty
    Troop Leader: Stephanie Palmer
    Project Advisor: Meagen Nay

    Alaina worked to help residents in a nursing home by providing them with therapy putty to increase hand strength and flexibility. Alaina made 50 packages of putty and delivered them, along with a presentation for the residents on how to use it. Alaina developed pamphlets and instruction videos so that others can learn how to make and use the putty.

    Clarice Chandler
    Troop 2514, Service Unit 111
    Title of Project: GaGa Pit in Red Boiling Springs
    Troop Leader: Hellen West
    Project Advisor: Jane Wooten

    Clarice focused on bringing awareness to the importance of exercise to fight obesity. To do this, Clarice worked with a park in her community to create a GaGa Ball pit. Clarice built the GaGa Ball pit and placed a sign with game instructions and information about the project. Her creation will be used by residents in her community for years to come.

    Delmiccia Corwin
    Troop 2293, Service Unit 154
    Title of Project: Phantom’s Gentle Therapy
    Troop Leader: Amber Young
    Project Advisor: DaNel Hicks

    For her Gold Award project, Delmiccia trained her American Miniature horse to be a certified therapy animal. The certification process was extensive, but now Phantom has been able to visit people in nursing homes, transitional housing, and at children’s events, bringing awareness to mental health needs of these individuals. Delmiccia is passionate about advocating for mental health and self-care, and will continue to do this with Phantom in the future.

    Lillian Cotey
    Troop 2886, Service Unit 152
    Title of Project: Your Amazing Body
    Troop Leader: Shannon Bush
    Project Advisor: Sheryl Chesnutt

    Lillian focused on educating young women about their changing bodies and body positivity in her community. Lillian worked with a local organization to present her educational resources and engage in honest, interesting conversations about these topics. Lillian spread the word about her work on social media and the local college department of health will continue her work.

    Olivia Davidson
    Troop 2382, Service Unit 205
    Title of Project: Raising Confidence One Jump at a Time
    Troop Leader: Jill Brown
    Project Advisor: Jill Wallace

    For her Gold Award project, Olivia worked with an equestrian center to create and teach horse safety and management classes to riding students. Olivia created her lessons and an online blog to help build confidence for young women in horseback riding and in their everyday lives. In addition, Olivia refurbished jump structures at the equestrian center.

    Anna Eason
    Troop 899, Service Unit 173
    Title of Project: Pet Agility Course
    Troop Leader: Heidi Corey
    Project Advisor: Allison Heffernan

    Anna worked with two different animal rescue organizations to design and build agility courses for owners to train their dogs. Anna focused on building agility courses because she wanted to highlight the importance of training, socializing, and exercising dogs. She also created videos on how to build at-home courses as well as how to train dogs to use the courses.

    Jenifer Elser
    Troop 2908, Service Unit 126
    Title of Project: Food Exchange Cupboard
    Troop Leader: Paula Cruller
    Project Advisor: Christy Harness

    Jenifer built a food exchange cupboard and placed it in a neighborhood where food insecurity is an issue for many residents. Jenifer filled the cupboard with food in hopes that people could take food that they need and also donate food for others. Jenifer spread word around the community about her cupboard and hopes that the cupboard will continue to help people for many years.

    Allison Gibbons
    Troop 488, Service Unit 157
    Title of Project: Creating a Pollinator Garden to Benefit the Declining Bee Population
    Troop Leader: Karen Gibbons
    Project Advisor: Kim Baumann

    Allison built a pollinator garden to address the issue of declining bee populations around the world. Allison took empty space at a local school and turned it into a garden filled with plants and flowers that bees enjoy. Allison installed a bee waterer and bee house and placed seating the garden for students to enjoy. The garden will continue to be cared for by a club at the school.

    Megan Glewwe
    Troop 1430, Service Unit 173
    Title of Project: Mental Health Matters
    Troop Leader: Sandra Glewwe
    Project Advisor: Becky Mitchell

    For her Gold Award project, Megan focused on mental health in her county’s schools by creating resources and safe spaces for middle school and high school students. Megan created the Mental Health Matters club at her school that allows students to support each other and distributed helpful mental health resources to other schools in her county. Megan also created a website where any student can find helpful mental health resources.

    Carley Gray
    Troop 2460, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Care Packages for Residents
    Troop Leader: Denise Allegra
    Project Advisor: Regie Ragland

    Carley focused on the mental health of nursing home residents and the isolation they felt during the pandemic. To do this, she created care bags filled with activities and things to remind residents of the support they have in their community. Carley filled 60 care bags and wrote personalized notes in them for the residents. She also taught other Girl Scouts how to do this project so that it will continue in the future.

    Raeann Green
    Troop 1944, Service Unit 201
    Title of Project: Upcycle Campaign Signs
    Troop Leader: Danyelle Troyer
    Project Advisor: John Timmons

    Raeann focused on creating something positive for her community for her Gold Award Project. To do this, Raeann built a swinging bench in a local park for people to enjoy. Raeann worked with her local government to get the project approved and created a wonderful place for people to relax and enjoy the park.

    Nina Hartlage
    Troop 391, Service Unit 34
    Title of Project: Living In Memory
    Troop Leader: Mary McClanahan
    Project Advisor: Theresa Bradley

    For her Gold Award project, Nina focused on rebuilding a neglected prayer garden at her church. To do this, Nina designed, built, and planted gardens, and she built two kneeling benches for visitors to use. Finally, Nina created a commemorative brick program so that parishioners can honor loved ones who have passed away.

    Sidney Hopkins
    Troop 1708, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Human Sex Trafficking Awareness
    Troop Leader: Lisa Hopkins
    Project Advisor: Mike Ford

    Sidney focused on raising awareness about human sex trafficking in her area. She created a video that taught self-defense techniques and educated viewers about what to look for in a predator. Sidney also spread the word about resources in her area and where victims can receive help and support.

    Abigail Hurston
    Troop 2604, Service Unit 80
    Title of Project: With Love, Abby
    Troop Leader: Stephanie Palmer
    Project Advisor: Sharon McDaniel

    Abigail worked with Meals on Wheels to recognize and show appreciation for the organization’s volunteers by making thank you cards and bracelets. Abigail also created cards that go to people who receive the meals to let them know someone is thinking of them. This project will be sustained through the printing company Abigail worked with as well as through people in her community and local college.

    Norah Hutchinson
    Troop 2442, Service Unit 177
    Title of Project: Port-A-Pillow
    Troop Leader: Kayse Martin
    Project Advisor: Cherie Diefenbach

    Norah focused on the seatbelt safety and comfort of cancer patients with port-a-catheters. She did this by making pillows that the patients can attach to their seatbelts in a car so that the seatbelt can be worn correctly without causing pain or pressure. Norah shared her project on social media and attached information cards to the pillows she created.

    Alexandra Kelly
    Troop 2219, Service Unit 152
    Title of Project: The Gifts to Give Kids Christmas Shop
    Troop Leader: Nikki Kelly
    Project Advisor: Diana Huber

    Alexandra focused on empowering young adults through service. She did this by creating a volunteer-run shop where children could shop for Christmas toys for family members. Alexandra worked with multiple churches and community groups, as well as teenagers in her community to help her run the program. The Christmas Shop will continue through the churches that Alexandra worked with for future years.

    Anna Kihlberg
    Troop 832, Service Unit 46
    Title of Project: Renovation for Recovery
    Troop Leader: Courtney Kihlberg
    Project Advisor: Tambi Swiney

    For her Gold Award project, Anna worked with The Next Door to renovate five therapy rooms at the facility. Anna noticed that the therapy rooms were not very comfortable or welcoming, so Anna worked with the organization to paint the rooms, purchase furniture, and decorate the spaces. She also painted a wonderful tree mural in one of the rooms.

    Leah Kimbro
    Troop 2198, Service Unit 153
    Title of Project: H.E.L.P. Closet
    Troop Leader: Brooke Powers
    Project Advisor: Christine Byrd

    Leah created a closet filled with necessities for students at her school who do not have access to products that they need. Leah worked with the school, local organizations, and community members to fill the closet with menstrual products, dental and body hygiene products, and more that are readily available to all students. The closet and events that Leah hosted bring awareness to the importance of self-care and hygiene for students.

    Taylor Kulaszewski
    Troop 2863, Service Unit 152
    Title of Project: Financial Responsibility for the Youth
    Troop Leader: Mandy Hayes
    Project Advisor: Patty Akin

    Taylor focused on educating young Girl Scouts in her community about money and financial literacy for her Gold Award project. Taylor created a curriculum for classes about financial literacy, how to be responsible with money, how to save money, and other topics. Taylor distributed this curriculum to Girl Scouts in her community and led classes of her own.

    Catherine Lauterbach
    Troop 707, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: History of our Nolensville Area Schools: Now & Then
    Troop Leader: Jane McGrath
    Project Advisor: Michelle Jenkins

    Catherine worked with the Nolensville Historical Society to compile and organize historical information and documents regarding the history of Nolensville area schools. Catherine created a booklet full of information that educates readers on the history of the community’s schools, the teachers who worked there, and the students who attended there. Catherine’s booklet will be available both digitally and physically at the Nolensville Society for visitors to enjoy.

    Meina Liu
    Troop 2855, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Bears in STEM
    Troop Leader: Stephanie McDaniel
    Project Advisor: Leigh Williams

    Meina focused on encouraging young people to pursue careers in STEM while also providing support for children in the hospital. To do this, Meina collected more than 160 teddy bears and attached cards to them describing a STEM career option. Then, Meina donated the bears to a local children’s hospital where they were distributed to patients. Meina’s project will continue through her school in the future.

    Savannah Martin
    Troop 707, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Nolensville Cemetery Website
    Troop Leader: Jane McGrath
    Project Advisor: Michelle Jenkins

    Savannah compiled information about the cemeteries in Nolensville and created a website so that the information is easily accessible for people in the community. Savannah gathered and organized data on where the cemeteries are, what the sites look like, and other information that people could need. Then, Savannah built a website with the help of the Nolensville Historical Society, who will continue to use and promote it in the future.

    Jenna McGrath
    Troop 707, Service Unit 178
    Title of Project: Nolensville Historical Walking Tour
    Troop Leader: Laura Lauterbach
    Project Advisor: Michelle Jenkins

    Jenna worked with the Nolensville Historical Museum and the Historic Society to create a historic walking tour of the community. Jenna worked to gather historic information and create the walking tour so it can either be led by docents or can be self-guided for tourists. The historic organizations that Jenna worked with plan to offer the walking tour to tourists for years to come.

    Madelyn Mickiewicz
    Troop 1430, Service Unit 173
    Title of Project: Go GaGa for Ga-Ga Ball
    Troop Leader: Sandra Glewwe
    Project Advisor: Chad Hedgepath

    For her Gold Award project, Madelyn built a Ga-Ga Ball Pit for a local public school. Madelyn noticed that the school’s playground did not have enough equipment for all the children, so she decided to change that. The Ga-Ga Ball Pit will be used by over 800 elementary school students every year.

    Jasmine Palmer
    Troop 2604, Service Unit 80
    Title of Project: Enrichment Toys for Animals
    Troop Leader: Stephanie Palmer
    Project Advisor: Dianne Waring

    Jasmine focused on the enrichment and mental stimulation of animals at Montgomery County Animal Control. Jasmine created engaging toy mats and balls for dogs waiting to be adopted so that they could be entertained and also learn new skills. Additionally, Jasmine taught others how to make these toys and donated enough so that every animal that gets adopted can take a toy to their forever home.

    Alexa Powers
    Troop 2198, Service Unit 153
    Title of Project: Patriot Strong
    Troop Leader: Brooke Powers
    Project Advisor: LTC (R) Bo Stuart

    For her Gold Award project, Alexa rebuilt training equipment and obstacle courses that athletes and JROTC students use at her school. To do this, Alexa removed old equipment that was no longer functional, landscaped the area, and built new equipment and obstacle courses. Alexa’s project will be used by student-athletes as well as JROTC cadets-in-training for years to come.

    Genna Smith
    Troop 2250, Service Unit 52
    Title of Project: Eco for All
    Troop Leader: Diane Honda
    Project Advisor: Nicole Brose

    Genna focused on the lack of sustainability initiatives in her community. Genna worked with an elementary school to teach students about gardening, as well as created a garden for the school that will be maintained by the teachers and students. Genna also planned a clothing swap event, which taught attendees about the negative impacts of fast fashion. Finally, Genna implemented two plant swap locations where community members can take, leave, or exchange plants.

    Isabella Wallace
    Troop 4017, Service Unit 70
    Title of Project: Camp Sycamore Hills Bat Habitats
    Troop Leader: Kelly Wallace
    Project Advisor: Kelly Wallace

    For her Gold Award project, Isabella built bat houses at Camp Sycamore Hills. By completing this project, Isabella hopes to increase the population of bats around the camp, as well as educate visitors about the importance of bats. Isabella created educational materials and instructions on how to build a bat house so that other people may continue her project in the future.

    Jaila Williams
    Troop 540, Service Unit 157
    Title of Project: Project X: An Exhibit on the Social Outcries of the People
    Troop Leader: Kimberly Wilder
    Project Advisor: Vonchelle Stembridge

    Jaila wanted to give the youth in her community the opportunity to express themselves and their opinions through art and poetry. To do this, Jaila planned an exhibition where young artists could address the community and share adversities that they have experienced. The exhibit focused on discussing discrimination, mental health, and other important topics. This exhibition will now be held yearly as part of an annual Juneteenth celebration in Jaila’s community.

    Christina Young
    Troop 941, Service Unit 73
    Title of Project: Bringing Native Flowers to Tennessee
    Troop Leader: Kim Roberts
    Project Advisor: Joan Williams

    Christina focused on creating a garden that attracts and feeds European Honey Bees and Monarch Butterflies. To do this, Christina worked with a state park in her community to design and build a garden featuring native perennial flowers and plants. The state park and other local organizations will work to sustain the garden in the future.

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