The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn.

It gives girls the chance to show that they are leaders who are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving their community. Earning this award puts a Girl Scout among an exceptional group of girls who have used their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world.

Savannah Clark, Trinity Jennings, and Emily White
Troop 113, Service Unit 183
Title of Project: Water Conservation and Rain Barrels
Troop Leader: Jennifer White

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Savannah, Trinity, and Emily worked with the Spring Hill Water Treatment Plant and Battle Creek Middle School to create rain barrels for the school’s raised garden beds. These rain barrels will allow rain water to be collected, which will be used to water the garden beds. The garden beds are used by students in science classes to grow vegetables and herbs. This project will promote water conservation within the school!

Alice Frein, Leah Joseph, and Jessica Penilton
Troop 416, Service Unit 52
Title of Project: Hygiene Kits for the Homeless
Troop Leader: Rithu Joseph

Alice, Leah, and Jessica sewed reusable hygiene bags to meet the basic needs of the homeless community served by Room In The Inn in downtown Nashville. Each hygiene bag was filled with 10 toiletry items, and the Girl Scouts created 75 bags in total! Finally, Alice, Leah, and Jessica educated younger Girl Scouts on how to make the bags so they can create them and continue to support Room In The Inn.

Annie Cox, Ainsley Moore, and Harper Phillips
Troop 416, Service Unit 52
Title of Project: Responsible Recycling
Troop Leader: Melissa Flatt

Annie, Ainsley, and Harper focused on recycling education and encouraging people to correctly recycle at their school. The Girl Scouts accomplished this by creating a recycling receptacle with three different bins clearly labeled for various recyclable materials. They also created an informational video that was shown to students at their school.

Bethany Anderson, Shelby Copeland, Ava Kissner, Amelia Lewis
Troop 434, Service Unit 50
Title of Project: #Silver4Dogs
Troop Leader: Tracee Lewis

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Troop 434 worked with an animal shelter to help get dogs adopted. Bethany, Shelby, Ava, and Amelia accomplished this by working with a photographer to take pictures of the dogs and post them online. All the dogs the Girl Scouts worked with got adopted quickly! 

Avery Johnston, Morgan-Blair Richardson, Aspen Van Vleet, and Lily Watts
Troop 469, Service Unit 102
Title of Project: Knot Cold
Troop Leader: Kelly Van Vleet

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Troop 469 made fleece tie blankets to give to people who are experiencing homelessness and are staying at the Robertson County Cold Weather Shelter called My Father’s House. The troop created an instructional video and shared the video on social media.

Reily Gorden, Kamyrn Gunn, and Mikayla Prude
Troop 676, Service Unit 51
Title of Project: 1,2,3 Get Fit With Me
Troop Leader: Maria Smith

Troop 676 focused on educating children ages 5-9 about healthy eating and healthy living habits. During multiple virtual sessions, Reily, Kamryn, and Mikayla led workout classes and cooking classes to encourage participants to take care of their bodies through exercise and healthy eating.

Clara Grace Sanders
Troop 740, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: Lending Literature Box
Troop Leader: Shayla Sanders

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Clara Grace addressed unequal access to reading materials in her community. She created a miniature library in Willoughby Station that anyone can use to take or donate books. Clara Grace shared her project with people in her community so many people will use it in the future!

Reagan Cannon
Troop 778, Service Unit 205
Title of Project: Sensory Path Project
Troop Leader: Gail Pace

Reagan chose to focus on helping children experiencing sensory disorders while they are in school. She created a sensory path at her school that students can use if they need time during the school day to refocus before they return to class. Reagan spread awareness throughout her school to promote use.

Juliana Aderholt
Troop 782, Service Unit 80
Title of Project: Virtual Boxes
Troop Leader: Heather Sugg

Juliana created boxes to assist students with disabilities during virtual school sessions. Each box was filled with specific activities to meet the needs of individual students. Juliana also created boxes that can be used in classrooms when students go back to in-person learning.

Emily Cronin, Megan Harris, and Samantha Harris
Troop 844, Service Unit 132
Title of Project: Happy Haven Book Nook
Troop Leader: Amanda Cronin

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Emily, Megan, and Samantha worked with Happy Haven Children’s Home to create a library space where children can read and relax. The girls collected donated books and built a bookshelf that children can enjoy for years to come!

Natalya Fritz, Avery McLean, Kayda Tucker, and Arianna Yanofsky
Troop 1022, Service Unit 142
Title of Project: Black History Month Resources
Troop Leader: Tricia Yanofsky

Troop 1022 noticed that there was a lack of education on Black History Month in their school, so they focused on creating resources that teachers can use in the classroom to teach about this subject. These resources included lessons and activity worksheets. The troop also posted the curriculum and activities on a website that teachers across the country use.

Parker Fraley, Lilly Mitchell, Emma Reedy, and Melanie Reedy
Troop 1147, Service Unit 162
Title of Project: A Courageous Heart
Troop Leader: Sunny Mitchell

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Troop 1147 worked to provide AED equipment and CPR training for the Richland School girls softball team. The group worked with Giles County Rescue Squad to provide the training and awareness for their community and younger Girl Scouts.

Hollis Godwin and Lucy Riggar
Troop 1229, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: Creating Connections for Better Mental Health during the Pandemic
Troop Leader: Julie Riggar

Hollis and Lucy chose to focus on community mental health for their Silver Award Take Action Project. They created a prayer wall at a local church that anyone in the community can use to find some moments of peace and joy. The Girl Scouts also created art kits that were handed out to children so that they could have fun activities to keep their spirits up.

Natalie Grummon, Emory Kerr, and Evie Waltman
Troop 1229, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: Global Pollinator Garden
Troop Leader: Jennifer Godwin

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Natalie, Emory, and Evie planted a pollination garden to help feed, sustain, and save bees that visit the garden. The Girl Scouts planted native, perennial plants that will regrow every year. To create awareness about their project, they created a video about bees and taught younger Girl Scouts about them.

Ellison Ball, Emma Kate Bland, Charlotte Otvos, and Danielle Robertson
Troop 1229, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: The Environmentors
Troop Leader: Gina Bland

Troop 1229 focused on the environment for their Silver Award Take Action Project, mainly focusing on problems with pollution, littering, and the need for more birdhouses in their community. To complete their project, Ellison, Emma Kate, Charlotte, and Danielle picked up litter and educated people in their community about the negative impact littering has on the environment. They also created birdhouses to place around their community.

Missy Davenport and Paige Treybig
Troop 1271, Service Unit 46
Title of Project: Breath of Fresh Air
Troop Leader: Rebecca Mason

Missy and Paige focused on the quality of life and care of the cats housed at Cheatham County Animal Control. The Girl Scouts partnered with a local construction company to build an outdoor enclosure that the cats can enjoy. They also led a free workshop for younger girls on how to make no-sew pillows and how to be responsible pet owners.

Sophia Bonnell, Ava Rice, and Chloe White
Troop 1328, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Helping Dogs in Need
Troop Leader: Suzanne Walker

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Sophia, Ava, and Chloe wanted to address the issue of dogs with special needs not being fostered. The Girl Scouts realized that part of the problem is that people are unsure how to care for dogs with special needs, so they worked to create care packages with supplies like blankets, toys, and organic dog treats. The Girl Scouts shared their project on social media and with other Girl Scouts.

Alessia Neely and Katherine Walker
Troop 1328, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Providing Toys & Treats for Foster & Forever Homes for Pets
Troop Leader: Suzanne Walker

Alessia and Katherine focused on creating awareness about the number of homeless pets in their community that needed to be adopted. They did this by making dog blankets, dog toys, and homemade treats for people who are adopting dogs at the shelter. The Girl Scouts created videos about how to make the items and shared all their resources with Operation Education.

Chloe Crosslin and Katherine Crosslin
Troop 1405, Service Unit 45
Title of Project: Warner Parks Bench Project
Troop Leader: Justin Crosslin

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Chloe and Katherine worked to clean and restore all the benches found in Warner Parks. Additionally, the Girl Scouts created a resource for Warner Parks with updated information about each bench. Finally, they revised the park maps to reflect current bench locations.

Eden Smith
Troop 1539, Service Unit 104
Title of Project: Honoring Our Stars and Stripes
Troop Leader: Rachael Smith

Eden chose to educate her community about worn American flag retirement and also provided a location for citizens to drop off tattered American flags so that she could give them a dignified retirement. She collected many flags and had multiple flag retirement ceremonies at her home. Eden also spread awareness in her community about flag retirement and the process to correctly retire a flag.

Ozella Haslam
Troop 1539, Service Unit 104
Title of Project: Peanut Allergy Awareness
Troop Leader: Rachael Smith

Ozella focused on peanut allergy awareness for her Silver Award Take Action Project. She partnered with local food vendors and educated them on how to properly label their products to indicate if they do or do not contain peanuts. Ozella also created a Facebook page, “Peanut Allergy Awareness,” and continues to update it with peanut-free products and resources.

Fiona McGoffin, Rylee Pelham, Sophia Stringfield, Vada Thomas
Troop 1562, Service Unit 152
Title of Project: Project Holloway High
Troop Leader: Lori Pelham

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Fiona, Rylee, Sophia, and Vada chose to build a new walkway for teachers to use at Holloway High School. The Girl Scouts noticed that the pathway teachers use to walk from their cars to the school was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. The troop worked together to build a sturdy, sustainable path that will help the school’s teachers for years to come.

Amaris McDuffie, Pari Patel, and Lily Ray
Troop 1562, Service Unit 152
Title of Project: Operation Confidence
Troop Leader: Lori Pelham

Troop 1562 chose to address the lack of confidence that many children who are diagnosed with disabilities might experience. They accomplished this by creating and distributing bracelets with encouraging words on them. The Girl Scouts also created a video explaining how and why they made the bracelets to show to fellow Girl Scouts.

Paige Blackwell
Troop 1589, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: Outdoor Classroom
Troop Leader: Mandi Linde

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Paige built an outdoor classroom at West Elementary School. The outdoor classroom includes six picnic tables, including one table that is wheelchair accessible. There are also self-watering planter boxes in the outdoor classroom.

Shannon Jean
Troop 1607, Service Unit 161
Title of Project: Healthy Felines: The Myths and Dangers of Cat Declawing
Troop Leader: Danielle Jean

Shannon focused on educating her community about the dangers of declawing household cats for her Silver Award Take Action Project. To do this, she created educational materials that were distributed in her community. Shannon also made scratching posts out of recycled Girl Scout Cookie boxes for veterinarians to give to cat owners.

Amelia Ivy
Troop 1726, Service Unit 174
Title of Project: Crafty Critter Crates
Troop Leader: Sandy Ivy

Amelia worked to create activity crates for children receiving treatment at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. These crates contain materials to make many different crafts in the hopes of keeping the children entertained. These activity crates will continue to be restocked by nurses at the hospital so that many children can enjoy them!

Lilly Faye Kraemer and Kathleen McIntyre
Troop 1955, Service Unit 54
Title of Project: Holocaust Awareness
Troop Leader: Ellen McIntyre

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Lilly Faye and Kathleen chose to focus on educating people about the Holocaust and its continual effects on their community. To do this, the Girl Scouts interviewed Holocaust survivors, created presentations, and spoke to different groups in their schools and community.

Shelby Buffington, Anna Lucyshyn, Addison Moore, and Leah Rovey
Troop 2032, Service Unit 176
Title of Project: Books for Kids in Need
Troop Leader: Jessica Lucyshyn

Troop 2032 worked with Creekside Elementary School to provide books to children who receive free meals and other resources through the school. Shelby, Anna, Addison, and Leah were able to give two books per child to promote at-home education and literacy. The troop also gave the children access to audiobooks, which promotes another great way for children to read!

Annie Etue, Eden Lindman, and Marigny McDonald
Troop 2123, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: Caring for Special Friends
Troop Leader: Kate Etue

Troop 2123 worked with Christ Presbyterian Church to create sensory tools for children with special needs who are served by the church. Annie, Eden, and Marigny did this by making weighted blankets and sensory toys that the children can use during class time. The girls also created a website and presentations to create awareness about their project.

Molly King
Troop 2332, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Bennett’s Book Barn
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Sykes

Molly focused on literacy and increasing access to books for people in her community for her Silver Award Take Action Project. Molly built a small library where anyone in her community can donate or take a book. She also dedicated her library in memory of an influential educator from the Nolensville area.

McKenna Aquino, Lanie Estes, Morgan Staman, and Lauren Sykes
Troop 2332, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Cat Appreciation Project
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Sykes

McKenna, Lanie, Morgan, and Lauren chose to focus on animal overpopulation and the negative effects it has on animal shelters and communities. The Girl Scouts worked with No Kill Williamson County to convert a stall in a horse barn into a safe and stimulating outdoor space for cats who have not been adopted. The troop also worked to educate people in the community about ways to control animal overpopulation.

Isabella Bolinger, Sadie Jones, Meda Miller, and Preteka Pravin
Troop 2332, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Dog Appreciation Project
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Sykes

Isabella, Sadie, Meda, and Preteka worked to decrease the number of lost dogs in their community for their Silver Award Take Action Project. The girls did this by making a bulletin board for the community where people can post about lost and missing dogs. The troop also spread awareness about their project in their school and service unit.

Samantha Algood
Troop 2446, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Shampoo Bars: A Small Step for the Community
Troop Leader: Christina Reiter

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Samantha wanted to address the need to reduce waste at home. She did this by focusing on how to use bar shampoo or soap over liquid versions. Samantha learned how to make bar shampoo and gave them to friends and other Girl Scouts. To show others how to make the bars and promote reducing waste at home, Samantha created a blog and shared it with others.

Danielle Parker
Troop 2449, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Bookshelf of Inclusion and Understanding
Troop Leader: Dawn Parker

Danielle worked with Granbery Elementary School to create a resource library that can be used by families who have children with special needs and diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. Danielle focused on making these resources available to caregivers and families because she saw that many people do not have access to helpful resources or inclusive reading environments.

Isabella Allen, Lillian Duke, and Emily Goldiez
Troop 2507, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: Teens to End Slavery
Troop Leader: Jennifer Banzhoff

Isabella, Lillian, and Emily chose to build awareness about human trafficking for their Silver Award Take Action Project. The girls worked with End Slavery Tennessee to research, create resources, and give presentations on signs of human trafficking. Troop 2507 also spread awareness about their project through social media.

Hannah Collier and Morgan Jackson
Troop 2726, Service Unit 70
Title of Project: Adopt a Reading Buddy
Troop Leader: Velvet Collier

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Hannah and Morgan encouraged children to read by making Reading Buddy Bears. The girls sewed 80 bears and distributed them, along with a book, pencils, and a journal, to first graders. To share their project, they also distributed information to teachers and libraries in their community.

Wendy Allen, Sarah Collier, and Amelia Saul
Troop 2726, Service Unit 70
Title of Project: Cozy Cat Cradles and Curtains
Troop Leader: Velvet Collier

Troop 2726 worked with Cheatham County Animal Control to make cat beds and curtains for their Silver Award Take Action Project. Wendy, Sarah, and Amelia each made 30 of the cat beds and curtains so that they can be used in cat kennels. The beds and curtains help to calm and soothe the cats, which makes them more likely to be adopted.

Hannah Dodson and Gianna Simmen
Troop 2726, Service Unit 70
Title of Project: Inclusive STEM Field Trip
Troop Leader: Abby Dodson

Hannah and Gianna worked to create an inclusive STEM field trip program for Camp Sycamore Hills. To do this, the Girl Scouts worked with staff in the Camp Sycamore Hills Horse Barn and Vaqueras to train them on how best to serve students with special needs during field trips. They also created a training manual that can be distributed to other horse barns in the community.

Charlotte Cleaves, Mae Cravens, Madelyn Dunn, and Caroline Shelton
Troop 2929, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Book Nook for Stonebrook
Troop Leader: Jennifer Dunn

Troop 2929 collected books for refugee and low-income families. Using resources in their community, Charlotte, Mae, Madelyn, and Caroline set up areas at the Boys and Girls Club and Tusculum Elementary. To raise awareness about their project, they passed out fliers and held programs with fellow Girl Scouts.

Felicity Owen
Troop 4008, Service Unit 045
Title of Project: Medical Mask Making
Troop Leader: Misty Owen

Felicity focused on creating face masks during COVID-19 for her Silver Award Take Action Project. Felicity sewed masks with her family and encouraged many people in her community to do the same by making tutorials. All the masks were donated to people in the community who needed them!

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