The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador can earn, a standard of excellence achieved by few.

Completion of a Gold Award Project means a Girl Scout has left her mark on her community and her world that creates a lasting impact on the lives of others. Approximately one million Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent since 1916.

  • Girl Scout Gold Award Through the Years

    1916-1918 | Golden Eagle of Merit

    • As the original highest award for Girl Scouts, the Golden Eagle of Merit was created to recognize girls who make a difference.

    1918-1938 | Golden Eaglet

    • To earn the Golden Eaglet, girls had to achieve the rank of First Class and earn badges in 15 of 21 subjects.

    1938-1940 | First Class Patch

    • Before a Girl Scout could be awarded First Class rank, she had to choose a field of concentration and be of service.

    1940-1963 | Curved Bar

    • The Curved Bar required girls to achieve First Class rank and gain proficiency in a second area of expertise.

    1963-1980 | First Class Pin

    • To achieve the First Class Pin meant a girl was an “all around” person and earned badges in six fields. Additional challenges were developed over the years.

    1980-Present | Girl Scout Gold Award

    • The Girl Scout Gold Award was created in 1980 and has transformed to now include a Take Action Project with a suggested 80 hours of service.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award Charge

    The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is made of 113 member countries and is the largest voluntary organization for girls in the world. You have been approved by Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and Girl Scouts of the USA to be worthy of receiving the Gold Award – the highest award in Girl Scouting.

    Your position is one of honor and responsibility. As a Girl Scout, you have made a promise to serve God, and your country to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout Law. This is a tremendous contract to undertake, and as you live up to these obligations, you bring honor to yourself and all other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

    As a Gold Award Girl Scout, you have taken a journey toward becoming self-assured, courageous, compassionate, concerned, committed, and mature.

    I charge you to undertake your membership with solemn dedication. Be a leader, make strong decisions, become involved with people throughout the world and always be aware of, not only their differences, but their similarities; respect yourself and your fellow citizens. Live and serve so that those who know you will be inspired to finer living. Be among those who dedicate their skills and abilities to all that is good.

    Build your country on the foundation of clean living, honesty, caring for humankind, concern for the land, and reverence for God. You will leave behind you a record for which every other Girl Scout may be justly proud.

    Gold Award Girl Scouts, will you accept this charge?

    Gold Award Girl Scouts: “We will.”

  • Agenia Clark Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership

    In 2015, the Sue Peters Foundation for Girls of Character, Courage, and Confidence established this scholarship program. The scholarships are only available to Middle Tennessee Girl Scouts who have earned the Gold Award and meet specific criteria.

    Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the Agenia Clark Gold Award Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership!

    Ivy Adams | Makayla Beard | Shelby O’NeilElise RussEmma Rudy Srebnik

  • Gold Award Girl Scouts

    Amelia Algood
    Title of Project: Hope Church Kids Ministry Room
    Troop Leader: Pam Broyles | Project Advisor: Stefann Pflueger

    After observing that children at her church did not have a space to learn, grow, and play, Amelia worked to create a space they could call their own. After renovating an old office, Amelia created a curriculum that included bible lessons, songs, and crafts that will be used by the church for years to come.

    Kaelan Asch
    Title of Project: Making Music Fun
    Troop Leader: Karen Feamster | Project Advisor: Mandy McCall

    After observing Service Unit 172’s Day Camp had become bored with their music program due to neglect and outdated songs, Kaelan decided to step in! She took action by meeting with music teachers and learning about different music curriculums. Then Kaelan created an educational book that included new songs, movements, and instruments and she created posters for the songs and shared the materials with Girl Scout camps.

    Callie Battenfield
    Title of Project: Westview Nature Station
    Troop Leader: Anna Amey | Project Advisor: Connie Miller

    Callie created a library to house books and guides on the flora and fauna of Middle Tennessee with the intent to provide entertainment for the elderly residents of her neighborhood. Callie planted flowers and also created a nature scavenger hunt to differentiate her project from a Little Library.

    Makayla Beard
    Title of Project: Reading is for Me!
    Troop Leader: Paulette Allen | Project Advisor: Penny Payne

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Makayla created a 200+ book library for Bethlehem Centers of Nashville and the Learning Academy so that children living below the poverty level to ensure they have easy access to books. She hosted a donation drive asking for donations of 200 books and received over 400, an additional 100 books were provided to guarantee a fresh rotation of books. She installed two new bookshelves, painted and decorated the space, and designed a sitting area for reading. Makayla’s service unit has pledged to maintain the library and will continue to go through the books at least once a year to make sure there are enough books.

    Hadley Brown
    Title of Project: Saving the World, One Straw at a Time
    Troop Leader: Corinne Davidson | Project Advisor: Clint Parker

    Hadley decided to focus on how small, seemingly insignificant changes can have a huge effect on the environment for her Gold Award Take Action Project. To address the issue of global pollution, Hadley developed an educational program that she shard at various events which included an educational game, the creation of a social media campaign, a website, and blog posts. Hadley used her platform in pageants to further spread the word about her Gold Award Take Action Project and how we can all make a difference.

    Ashley Broyles
    Title of Project: History Hunt
    Troop Leader: Pam Broyles | Project Advisor: Sharon Brasher

    To address the lack in knowledge of and interest in historical landmarks and signs in her home town, Ashley created both a drivable and walkable “History Hunt.” She achieved this goal by locating historical markers, taking photos, marking their locations, and creating a pamphlet filled with hints, in a scavenger hunt format. Once completed, participants take the completed pamphlet to the Visitors Center for a prize. Ashley partnered with organizations in her community like the Heritage Foundation to continue her project.

    Gabrielle Cunningham-Rush
    Title of Project: Mariposa Mansion and Pollinators Paradise
    Troop Leader: Paulette Allen | Project Advisor: John Cassidy

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Gabrielle planted a garden and in conjunction with her garden, she made an educational resource book that detailed all of the plants and where they could be found in the garden. The book also featured animals, fun facts, and information on pollinators. To ensure sustainability, Gabrielle designed her garden with a bioswale, designed to concentrate and carry storm water runoff while removing debris and pollution.

    Hunter Dawn Davis
    Title of Project: All for One and One for All – Hygiene Shelf and Food Pantry
    Troop Leader: Dayelle Troyer | Project Advisor: Tera Mooneyham

    The “All for One and One for All” Hygiene Shelf and Food Pantry was designed to help the students attending the school who may not have hygiene essentials available to them. Hunter made her project available to any student at her high school and word has spread through seminars and pamphlets.

    Clara Eck
    Title of Project: Turning the Tides Towards a Healthier Ocean
    Troop Leader: Jennifer Eck | Project Advisor: Edward Rowse

    Clara made learning trunks for local schools that informed students on the importance of recycling and the negative effects that plastic pollution has on our planet. She spread word of her project through speaking with teachers and staff on how to use the trunks and creating flyers. Clara included lesson plans and forms that may be copied and used for years to come.

    Gillian Flatt
    Title of Project: Partnering with Parents
    Troop Leader: Melissa Flatt | Project Advisor: Brandy King

    Gillian’s Gold Award Take Action Project is a multi-step project consisting of building a physical structure to hold sets of learning packets appropriate for young children,  infants through four years of age. The aim is to address the need for increased communication and learning opportunities between parents and young children. The packets contain an individual educational activity that includes target skills, a set of instructions, and all materials necessary to complete that activity. Edgehill Early Learning Center has been provided with digital copies of all the projects and will continue to promote it alongside a website Gillian created.

    Gabrielle Floyd
    Title of Project: Bright Day Bins
    Troop Leader: Vickie Olexy | Project Advisor: Janice Davis

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Gabrielle addressed the issue of loneliness in the elderly. She created Bright Day Bins, which are bins filled with thoughtful gifts, activities, and cards to brighten someone’s day.These bins were then distributed to those in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Gabrielle held two awareness sessions, educating the public on the effects of loneliness and the correlation between happiness and health and made flyers that were sent around the country to other Girl Scouts. These efforts combined with her social media campaign and her churches involvement ensured her project will be continued.

    Erica Friedman
    Title of Project: Planting a STEM
    Troop Leader: Melissa Flatt | Project Advisor: Erin Rothwell

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Erica created 188 science experiment kits and a manual to reproduce them for Vanderbilt patients in the Children’s Hospital to ensure the children had opportunities to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Each kit provides all of the materials required for the given experiment and can be performed at the patient’s bedside. The manual itself includes a list of the supplies, detailed instructions, a synopsis of what patients should learn after each experiment, and a website with instructional videos.

    Meryl Godwin
    Title of Project: Environmental Impact of Native Plants and Rain Gardens
    Troop Leader: Courtney Ashburn | Project Advisor: Jim Mahurin

    In an effort to reduce the amount of pesticides that flow into our sewer system and drinking water and to create a healthier environment with more wildlife diversity, Meryl built a native plant rain garden. This rain garden will filter out harmful pollutants from water runoff that flows off a church parking lot. Meryl also educated preschoolers and spread awareness to the community about the importance of native plants and our environment.

    Katie Gripenstraw
    Title of Project: Down Syndrome Developmental Activities
    Troop Leader: Teresa Moore | Project Advisor: Kate Harris

    To address developmental delays at a Down Syndrome achievement center and local elementary school, Katie created activities promoting skills such as fine motor, sensory, numbers, and shapes. She created 7 bins with 16 activities and 9 examples of big group games. These fun and helpful activities will be sustained through the workshop that Katie hosted and an instructional video.

    Isabelle Hamby
    Title of Project: Part of the Solution
    Troop Leader: Lindsey Robertson | Project Advisor: Gwen Griffith and Jennifer Watson

    Isabelle took action by spreading awareness about the effects of plastic pollution and individual action in her community after living in Sydney, Australia and seeing their environmental efforts juxtaposed against her hometown in Tennessee. Isabelle set up booths at local water festivals that included activities for both adults and kids. In addition to the booths, she created a website with virtual versions of the information presented at the events.

    Marti Hood
    Title of Project: Military Youth Recognition
    Troop Leader: Beverly Hood | Project Advisor: Heather Abdon

    To address the lack of recognition military families receive for their sacrifices and commitment, Marti took action by launching a statewide graduation cord program. The program will be sustained by the Tennessee National Guard and by the Youth Action Council of Tennessee. Though Marti’s efforts, over 60 students were recognized at 30 schools across Tennessee and she is currently working with the Tennessee Board of Education to expand her project further.

    Sydney Ellen Lashbrook
    Title of Project: Uncovering History
    Troop Leader: Lindsay Robertson | Project Advisor: Frank Caperton

    Sydney Ellen and her team cleared plants, scrubbed head stones, and researched families to uncover the history of a cemetery near her home. By organizing a team, developing a relationship with the historical society in her county, and working hard, Sydney Ellen was able to develop her passion for history further and spread that passion to her community. Sydney Ellen’s project will be continued through the creation of her website documenting the project, a video, and a brochure.

    Rachel LaTourette
    Title of Project: Safe Dog Parks at County Animal Center
    Troop Leader: Pam Broyles | Project Advisor: Debbie Sims

    Rachel’s Gold Award Take Action Project addressed the issue of not having a safe and secure outdoor environment for potential dog adopters, dog adoptees, and current dog owners in her community. She completed this by stabilizing and replacing broken boards and power washing, sanding, and painting the wood and rubber at the three dog parks. Rachel’s project will be sustained by the Williamson County Animal Center Volunteers.

    Lily Molina
    Title of Project: For the Love of Books!
    Troop Leader: Vickie Tate-Olexy | Project Advisor: Jennifer Walton and Lisa Morris

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Lily built a Book Nook for Edmondson Elementary to address the declining rates of pleasure reading in younger children due to screen usage. A third grade Brownie troop will restock the books and ensure the nook stays in good shape. Lily also implemented a Reading Buddies program, where older students assist younger students with reading. The Reading Buddie program will also participate in “read outs” which is where students will select books to read to each other outside! Lily shared her project through a table at the Back to School Fair and a video that will be shown to the Edmondson teachers each year.

    Shelby O’Neil
    Title of Project: Coding for Kids
    Troop Leader: Robyn Helper | Project Advisor: Swann Pruitt

    To address the lack of women in coding, Shelby hosted a simple and fun coding class series for kids at a local elementary school and taught an employee so that the program could be continued. In addition to the in person series, Shelby also created an easy to follow YouTube channel with videos educating people on beginner projects and provided each student with a pamphlet with resources if they wanted to continue their coding journey.

    Sydnee Pendergraff
    Title of Project: Theater Room Goes Green
    Troop Leader: Greg Gressel | Project Advisor: Coleen Saunders

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Sydnee worked to build men’s dressing rooms out of eco-friendly and repurposed materials such as cubicles for privacy walls for a theater’s green room. She hoped to educate her community on the mission of reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose though the creation of a social media campaign.

    Lillian Phillips
    Title of Project: Improving Literacy for Inner City Kids
    Troop Leader: Carolyn Neiman | Project Advisor: Collin Spindle

    Lillian focused on the cycle of poverty and ways to break it for her Gold Award Take Action Project by working to improve interest in reading and learning in underserved areas. She worked on this goal by making the library at Preston Taylor Ministries more kid-friendly as well as sorting and creating a color coding system for the books. She then sent Preston Taylor Ministries and other school organizations a detailed list of instructions for their next library project to create a bigger impact. The library will be maintained by the children at Preston Taylor Ministries.

    Ava Ploeckelman
    Title of Project: Safe Prescription Drug Practices
    Troop Leader: Kate Smith | Project Advisor: Jason Bluemlein

    Whilst examining her community, Ava discovered a lack of information on safe prescription drug practices. Her goal was to spread information about prescription drug abuse that is proactive, informs people on safe practices and fills the gaps in the current awareness campaign. She researched how to use prescription drugs safely and created a list of drug take back programs in her city. To spread the information, Ava created a media campaign including a flyer, articles for local news sites, and a radio PSA. By Ava providing people with actionable tips for preventing opioid abuse, her project will be continued long into the future.

    Elise Russ
    Title of Project: Plaque Attack
    Troop Leader: Paulette Allen | Project Advisor: Dr. Tara McDuffey

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Elise conducted presentations for various audience sizes and age levels on the importance of good oral hygiene. In her presentations Elise was able to offer dental office tours, informational flyers, and provide fun activities. In an effort to increase the impact of her project, Elise also created dental care packages for the homeless and a website so the information can continue to be shared.

    Neha Saggi
    Title of Project: LeadHERship
    Troop Leader: Melissa Flatt | Project Advisor: Katie Greenebaum

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Neha addressed America’s female leadership gap by creating and holding the first in a series of nationwide LeadHERship conferences. The conferences focus on education, safe discussion, and action. So far, there are four confirmed LeadHERship conferences scheduled in three states and Neha’s school will host a conference annually using the materials and resources created by Neha.

    Kira Scott
    Title of Project: Makerspace Classroom
    Troop Leader: Teresa Moore | Project Advisor: Leslie Kruse

    Kira worked to inspire students to become more involved in science and engineering by creating a makerspace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classroom in an underserved school. Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in science, engineering and tinkering. Kira created lesson plans to complement her makerspace classroom and created a website to share the process.

    Margaret Smith
    Title of Project: The Book Mobile – A Vehicle for Literacy
    Troop Leader: Kate Smith | Project Advisor: Martha Hendricks

    After learning about Tennessee’s low literacy levels in children entering the fourth grade, Margaret took action by creating a Book Mobile and providing books to children through the Summer Food Service Program. Through her program Margaret distributed books to the Summer Food Service Program which helped children between the ages of 6 and 8 to increase reading proficiency and desire to read. With the help of her local library, she hopes to continue the collaboration between the Summer Food Service Program and libraries in her community.

    Chloe Wakham
    Title of Project: Oaklands Mansion Backpack Program
    Troop Leader: Lindsey Robertson | Project Advisor: Mary Beth Nevills

    Growing up as a history buff, Chloe always enjoyed opportunities to learn about the past in a fun and engaging environment. For her Gold Award Take Action Project, Chloe designed a backpack program at Oaklands Mansion. Bags were filled with historical themed crafts, games, and worksheets for kids aged 3-13. Chloe provided Oaklands Mansion with extras of the supplies and they have pledged to continue her project.

    Amanda Weiss
    Title of Project: When Wildlife Meets Williamson
    Troop Leader: Elizabeth Winkler | Project Advisor: Gina Brawley

    Amanda’s Gold Award Take Action Project was to address the ways in which people interact with wildlife. Her main goal was to spread the message that wildlife is to be observed, not played with. Amanda fulfilled this goal by doing a series of presentations at parks and schools where she discussed what to do if you encounter wildlife. To ensure sustainability Amanda distributed postcards with additional information.

    Ryleigh Welsh
    Title of Project: Ingredients for Hope
    Troop Leader: Kate Smith | Project Advisor: Tabitha Tackett

    Ryleigh worked to reduce the negative perception related to domestic violence victims and provide them with kitchen kits to help reduce the costs of starting over. Ryleigh educated her community on domestic violence statistics and reasons victims return to abuse. Sustainability is achieved through the implementation of a social media campaign, education, and the creation of a how to guide for future campaigns. Through her efforts Ryleigh was able to provide 10 kitchen kits including a cookbook, made by Ryleigh, and other resources for victims.

    Brittany Brooke Williams
    Title of Project: Fountain Flowers
    Troop Leader: Kathy Damewood | wProject Advisor: Robert Gilliam

    For her Gold Award Take Action Project Brooke refurbished a fountain in her towns square that had fallen into disrepair. Her aim was to make it a working show piece of the courthouse lawn for the community. For sustainability, Brooke reached out to her local newspaper to let them know of her project and made a YouTube video documenting her project progress along with educational tidbits. Finally, the maintenance department will be ensuring the fountain stays in good condition and the plants and grass are well maintained.

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