Girl Scouts recognizes the continued support of adult volunteers by offering Adult Awards.

We are grateful for the service shown by all of our volunteers. The names listed below represent only a small preview of the dedicated supporters behind Girl Scouts in Middle Tennessee.

  • Appreciation Pin

    The Appreciation Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience – service which has had a measurable impact on one geographic area and helped the council surpass mission-delivery goals.

    Jeane Beatty | Service Unit 178

    Jeane Beatty is a dedicated volunteer for Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and serves in multiple capacities, as troop leader and fall product service unit coordinator. Jeane’s selfless efforts resulted in a successful fall product program with satisfied leaders and excited Girl Scouts. Jeane serves the Girl Scout council, her service unit, and troop with kindness and grace.

    Anita Beaty | Service Unit 125

    Anita Beaty has served Girl Scouts for over 20 years in Fentress County. Anita brings warmth and grassroots experience to her area, and always extends an invitation to girls of all ages to join her troop. Anita’s willingness to take on any girl has allowed countless lives to be touched by the mission of Girl Scouts making her an invaluable asset to her county and the entire organization.

    Dana Campbell | Service Unit 177

    With her service as a leader having started two years ago, Dana is an advocate for Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and constantly encourages other leaders within her service unit. She has a troop of Brownie Girl Scouts and has been an example to others by actively showing and helping new leaders. Dana’s can-do attitude and support of the council is a winning combination.

    Deana Cavanaugh | Service Unit 52

    Deana has been a tremendous asset to Service Unit 52, serving as assistant registrar and fall product coordinator for the past two years. She serves as both a mentor and an inspiration to other leaders for her ongoing dedication to her girls and Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee.

    Annah Dubois | Service Unit 123

    Annah Dubois has served Jackson and Clay counties for the past few years with dedication and determination to grow and sustain Girl Scouts. Annah is a multi-talented resource to the organization who gladly accepts new girls, new leaders, and new challenges, always with a smile on her face. As a result of Annah’s leadership and service to her area, the presence of Girl Scouts has doubled in size, and the value and experience has grown exponentially.

    Jennifer Dunn | Service Unit 178

    Jennifer joined Camp Kaper Hollow as a unit leader years ago, and has served in different capacities from unit leader to the planning committee each year. This past year, Jennifer took over the planning and organization of the SWAPS event for all the girls at Kaper Hollow. She researched age appropriate SWAPS for the units, created supply lists, made each SWAP for an example, and was available to answer questions as they arose.

    Missa Jacqueline Jackson | Service Unit 204

    Missa Jackson started her Girl Scout experience with her daughter’s troop, and is now leading her granddaughter’s troop. Missa is a mentor to other troop leaders, both old and new. She also serves as the fall product coordinator and one of the cookie coordinators for Service Unit 204. She still volunteers to help at every service unit event and is known and loved by all the girls in the service unit.

    Shemel Jackson | Service Unit 177

    Shemel Jackson has served Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for the past four years as troop leader and most recently in a support role for Service Unit 177. She is always ready to step up and help whenever and wherever leaders need it – whether it be starting a week-long day camp or assisting with the overall flow of a service unit. Shemel embodies the Girl Scout mission, and all that come into contact with her are better because of knowing her.

    Jamie Jones | Service Unit 177

    Jamie Jones is a second year troop leader, but most people would never guess this because of her knowledge of all things Girl Scouts. Jamie has dedicated herself to Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, her troop, and Service Unit 177. Jamie has even gone above and beyond in her service unit as she manages what trainings leaders have taken. She supports leaders by offering them trainings they may not have taken, and is a great support system for new leaders. Jamie is a light to the girls in her troop and to the women in her service unit.

    Julie Ann Jones | Service Unit 154

    Julie is a dedicated volunteer and co-service unit manger for Service Unit 154. She also joined the council trainer team to teach other adults the skills to succeed as leaders. During her time, she has tried to maintain one service unit event per month, to give leaders a cheap and easy way to provide a fun event in addition to their monthly meetings. Julie really enjoys Girl Scouts and wants to make sure that the organization continues to succeed.

    Deann LaTerre | Service Unit 154

    Deann LaTerre has been a Girl Scout leader for eight years and co-service unit manager for two. Deann has overseen several service unit events like the Juliette Low Birthday party. She has enjoyed working with the leaders to assist in planning events and helping with troop struggles. She believes that Girl Scouts has been a rewarding and powerful activity for both her and her daughter.

    Fran Leahy | Service Unit 46

    Fran has served as a troop leader for nine years and most recently as an outdoor leader for Service Unit 46. Although her troop graduated, she wanted to continue working with Girls Scouts through her passion of hiking and camping. This led her to create an outdoor group where older Girl Scouts can experience the outdoors at a more advance level. Her leadership is an example of what it means to be a Girl Scout.

    Jenni Lock | Service Unit 205

    Jenni has been a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for 20 years. She is now currently leading her third troop and is serving as a member of the Service Unit 205 leadership team. Jenni has been able to bring her knowledge and passion of Girl Scouts to help plan a new leader breakfast that will become an annual event for the service unit.

    Rebecca Mason | Service Unit 46

    Rebecca has served Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for the last nine years as a troop leader and most recently as the service unit co-cookie coordinator. She has worked diligently to foster relationships between troops and local business who host cookie booths. Rebecca provides knowledge, organization, and a serving heart to each troop that participates in the cookie program.

    Delia Morgan | Service Unit 63

    Delia has been a dedicated volunteer for Service Unit 63 as a troop leader and service unit team member. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help ensure each service unit event is successful. Through her support of events like service unit Camporee, Journey weekend, Movie and a Song night, and Trefoil 63 Derby, she truly demonstrates a heart of service to Girl Scouts.

    Kasey Nelson | Service Unit 178

    Kasey has provided excellent service in her capacity as Summer Camp Special Operations Team Member for Camp Kaper Hollow. In addition to taking care of basic health issues at camp, bug bites and knee scrapes, Kasey helped with planning the first aid aspect of camp. As a result of Kasey’s selfless efforts, over 150 girls from Brentwood, Franklin, and Nolensville were able to celebrate scouting together for a week in June.

    Stephanie Palmer | Service Unit 80

    Stephanie is a troop leader and the fall product and cookie coordinator for Service Unit 80.  Stephanie is knowledgeable and works diligently to ensure all troops are trained and comfortable with Product Program sales. She is readily available to help any troop needing assistance and is able to resolve any issues with thoughtfulness and professionalism.

    Jinnee Parrotta | Service Unit 205

    Jinnee has been a dedicated volunteer to Service Unit 205 for many years. Recently she has stepped in to the role of service unit treasurer and is part of the cookie team. Jinnee is always reliable and always helping in all aspects of keeping the service unit running.

    Jessica Perrigo | Service Unit 22

    Jessica Perrigo serves as a troop leader, service unit manager, service unit cookie coordinator and fall product coordinator. Jessica has helped Service Unit 22 increase their membership and retain members, as well as, increased product sales in her service unit. Jessica provides new and varying opportunities for her service unit area to engage and grow in Girl Scouts.

    Amber Swigert | Service Unit 80

    Amber is a dedicated volunteer, leader, and service unit manager who has played a key role in the success of Service Unit 80. She is committed to recognizing adults for their volunteerism and has an interactive service unit where everyone’s input is valued. Amber’s commitment to Girl Scouts has brought Service Unit 80 closer together and resulted in a well organized service unit team.

    Daisy Urfer | Service Unit 104

    Daisy has been a dedicated leader in Service Unit 104 for over five years. She created a training for families new to the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Daisy helped train girls to help them feel more confident with cookie sales.

    Tina Wilke | Service Unit 201

    Tina has been a troop leader, service unit manager, and dedicated volunteer to Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for 18 years. She has given much of her own time to ensure that all members of her service unit are upholding the Girl Scout Law. Her commitment to Service Unit 201 and its programming has allowed for continued growth for girls and leaders alike.

  • Honor Pin

    The Honor Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience – service which has had measurable impact on two or more geographic areas of service and helped reach and surpass mission-delivery goals.

    Krissie Betbeze | Service Unit 45 and 54

    Krissie has served Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for the last five years as a troop leader and last two years as the service unit manager for Service Unit 45 and 54. As the service unit manager, Krissie created the service unit structure from the ground up by surveying leaders, establishing consistent service unit meetings, and organizing service unit events. Krissie has worked persistently to provide a welcoming community for every troop leader and as a result, leader retention and troop engagement have increased within Service Unit 45 and 54.

    Sara Branstetter | Service Unit 204

    Sara has worked closely with leaders in a neighboring service unit to help plan multiple events for girls and leaders. She truly shows what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout. During her time as service unit manager for Service Unit 204 Sara has been able to help girls across Sumner County to come together and experience Girl Scouts in a new way.

    Linda Halperin | Service Unit 45 and 54

    Linda has served Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee for 11 years as a troop leader, service unit manager, and most recently as fall and cookie coordinator for Service Unit 45 and 54. Linda is a dedicated Girl Scout volunteer that provides years of experience. She has been a constant through the transitions, ensuring that troops are trained in product sales, have access to booth sales, and can raise much needed funds for troop activities.

  • Thanks Badge I and II

    The Thanks Badge honors an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership, and service has had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting mission-delivery goals and priorities benefiting the entire council or Girl Scout Movement.

    Loren Chumley | Board Treasurer

    Loren Chumley has served on the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee (GSMIDTN) board for four years as the Board Treasurer. Loren currently works as a Principal at KPMG, LLP and her financial expertise has been an invaluable asset to Girl Scouts. As treasurer, Loren oversees GSMIDTN’s finance committee and provides great leadership and direction of the council’s investment portfolio, helping to ensure Girl Scouts will be serving girls in Middle Tennessee for many years to come.

    Diane Honda | Service Unit 52

    Diane’s commitment to Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and her spirit for service are unrivaled. She has continuously served her troop, service unit, and the council for over 25 years. She is always ready to step up and help when needed and anything she does, she does with all her heart. Her motto is to be useful everyday, and she lives a life that truly exemplifies her commitment to this mission.

  • President's Award

    The President’s Award recognizes the efforts of a service delivery team or committee whose exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience surpassed team goals and resulted in significant, measurable impact toward reaching the council’s overall goals.

    Charlotte Bartelt | Service Unit 161

    Virginia Dennis | Service Unit 155

    Rhonda Floyd | Service Unit 158

    Sharon Hall | Service Unit 145

    Cathy Marino | Service Unit 163

    Melissa Morin | Service Unit 141

    Tricia Yanofsky | Service Unit 142

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