Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!

The work we accomplish at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee would not be possible without our incredible volunteers. Because of you, the next generation of leaders is learning priceless skills and gaining experiences they’ll carry with them forever. From everyone at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, thank you so much for the countless hours and dedication you have poured into mentoring Girl Scouts.

We are thrilled to celebrate you all month long! We’d like to share stories about the meaningful impact of our volunteers. If you have a volunteer that you would like to celebrate, please tell us more about them by filling out this form.

We also have small gifts for each of our volunteers! Your Regional Executive will let you know where you can pick up your gift. In addition, you can find volunteer treats in the Cabin at our Nashville office.

Are you interested in recognizing volunteers who have gone above and beyond within your troop or service unit? Submit a nomination for a general or service-unit award here!

Interested in other ways to celebrate your volunteers? We have plenty of ideas!

  1. Call or write a troop leader to your Girl Scout leaders to let them know the personal impact they have had on your Girl Scout! There’s no telling how many new experiences and lessons occur in troop meetings.
  2. Celebrate them with a secret celebration at a troop meeting! Your Girl Scouts will have a fantastic time planning a surprise party.
  3. Learn more about your fellow volunteers to see how you can mutually support each other. Raising a family takes a village, and sometimes a carpool buddy or a new parent friend can make a world of difference. Or maybe your volunteers have passions or hobbies you can join them in! The possibilities to join together in community are endless.
  4. Submit their volunteer story to GSMIDTN! We are constantly looking for new ways to support and thank our volunteers, and we receive this insight from you.

Stay tuned for more volunteer stories and excitement all month long!