This Troop Tuesday we’re giving a shout-out to some of our most valuable members: LEADERS! To share your own shout-outs, tag us at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee (Facebook) or GSMIDTN (Instagram). 

Alicia Chambers (Troop 420, Service Unit 126) — Alicia (pictured above) has been a troop leader in Cumberland County for a couple of years and has become such an active and valuable member of her SU. She always accepts new girls into her troop and has stepped up to help with cookies and co-lead the SU. We’re so grateful for her efforts to improve the experience of the families in Cumberland County!

Kimberlie Goley and Bethany Litton (Troop 1017, Service Unit 112) — Kim and Bethany (pictured left) are in their third year as leaders in Smith County and have joined the Service Unit Management team for SU 112! They are excited to partner with local groups to raise awareness of what Girl Scouts do to help their community. PS – You will see some of their local scouts at the Smith County Historical Society event in October, representing how Girl Scouts helped the World War II war effort through rubber and metal drives.

Shauna Bridgers (Troop 1117, Service Unit 201) — Shauna is a State Park Ranger at Cedars of Lebanon State Park and a great leader for Troop 1117! You can see Shauna at the park on the weekends teaching campers about hiking, caves, and local Tennessee wildlife. She is so talented at helping kids learn about nature!

Lauren Simmons (Troop 1101, Service Unit 132) — Lauren (pictured right) leads a troop in a rural area and never says no to a girl! Because of her willingness, she has helped afford countless families the Girl Scout experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her troop is engaged and active all year long

Sherry Jones (Troop 2508, Service Unit 183) — Sherry is a multi-level troop leader always looking for new girls to join! Even through her battle with breast cancer, she has been a hands-on leader and constant inspiration. Sherry enjoys the journey through Girl Scouts just as much as the girls in her troop, and we always look forward to seeing what they are up to!


Have something great to share about your fabulous troop volunteers? Tell us!