In an effort to spread the word about Girl Scouts and create a fun way for new or existing Girl Scouts to enjoy an activity with their troops, Lily, a Cadette from Lebanon, TN, created The Great Trefoil Hunt in her town square! Below, Lily explains what a Trefoil Hunt is and how to create your own!

Hello! My name is Lily, and my mother and I made a Trefoil Hunt at our Town Square. I am a Cadette from Lebanon in Troop 807, and I have been in Girl Scouts for 6 years.

A Trefoil Hunt is a kind of scavenger hunt! Girls go from business to business, and there are clues posted in the windows to lead to the next one. It is designed for older girls like me to have fun creating this cool activity, and younger girls like Brownies and Daisies to do with their families or troop. My mom is our troop leader, and she decided to help me with this. We went around to businesses on the Lebanon square and asked them to participate. Most said yes, and we soon started to develop the clues. We put them up and then girls could come to solve the clues!

I learned how to talk to people like a businesswoman, which I have done before with cookies. I also got to stretch my creative muscles when making the clues. It was so much fun!

Create Your Own Trefoil Hunt

  1. Ask several local small businesses if they will post a trefoil and clue in their shop window. Try asking businesses that support children, like ballet studios, karate studios, etc. Add in an ice cream shop, coffee shop, or some place for girls and parents to get a snack along the way!
  2. Create some clues to lead girls and their families from one business to another. Don’t make them too hard! Throw in a Girl Scout trivia fact for fun!
  3. Print the trefoils/clues and deliver them to the businesses. Make sure they are posted before you open the event.
  4. Set a limit of time for the event to run.
  5. Troops can participate and order their own scavenger hunt patches.
  6. Talk about this event on PTO pages, local social pages, or anywhere that supports family activities and support for local small businesses.

To help you get started with creating your own Trefoil Hunt, we’ve included an example of how to make clues for businesses, a list of trivia that you can use, and a PDF copy of these instructions to share with your troops!

Girl Scouts and The Great Trefoil Hunt

DownloadTrefoil Hunt Clue Examples

Download Girl Scout Trivia