Virtual Badge Blast – Cooking

Who doesn’t like good food? Do you know your way around a kitchen or how to prepare your favorite meal! Join one of our Council Program Specialists, Elizabeth, as she helps you discover your inner chef! We will start live on the GSMIDTN Facebook page with an introductionContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Investigation

Do you ever wonder if there is more than what you are seeing? Do you want to know all the things? There are weird, wild, and wonderful things all around us and we may not even know it!  Join our very own program Manager, Alison, as she helpsContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Storytelling

Do you have a story to tell? How would you like to share your story with the world! Join our very own Manager of Council Programs, Alice, as she helps you discover your how to tell your story so you can share it with your family and friendsContinue Reading