The Science of Harry Potter [waitlist]

Hogwarts is coming to the Adventure Science Center! Join us for a magical night filled with explorations into charms, potions, transfiguration, and more! Event price includes a planetarium show and a to-go style breakfast before departure on Sunday, March 8. Non-registered Girl Scouts will not be able toContinue Reading

Global Guardians [waitlist]

Become heroes of the globe, learning the different reasons many species and habitats are endangered and why caring for animals at the Zoo is important to the survival of species in the wild. Experience the nighttime side of the Zoo as we explore cause and effect, human impactContinue Reading

Exploring Careers: Hearing and Speech Sciences

Ever wonder what it’s like to be deaf or work with someone who is? Come learn some American Sign Language, examine cochlear implants, and see an anechoic chamber. We’ll explore careers that support children with hearing loss such as teachers of the deaf, audiologists, speech language pathologists, andContinue Reading