Online Badges – Coding Basics

Are you fascinated with computers, devices & software? Do you want to program the next hit video game, or design the next life-saving computer program? In this badge you will learn all about coding and how to use it for good. Click on your badge to get startedContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Manners

A Girl Scout is always kind. A Girl Scout is always polite. And a Girl Scout has good manners. In this badge blast you will join one of our council program specialists as she helps you learn how good manners are important and how to use them inContinue Reading

Online Badges – DIY

DO you like to get your hands dirty and take care of things yourself? Is no project too big or too small for you? In this badge you will learn the skills to be a do it yourself expert! Click on your badge to get started! Parents &ampContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Creative Play

Do you love games? Are you interested in more than playing the game? Maybe you want to learn the theories and techniques behind designing and making games. Join one of our Council Program Specialists as she helps you dive into what it takes to make games! We willContinue Reading

Online Badges – Environmental Stewardship

A Girl Scout doesn’t need to be told twice to protect our planet—being green is in her DNA. Since 1912, Girl Scouts across the nation have accepted the charge to get outdoors, respect wildlife, and take care of our environment. Now is your chance to earn a badgeContinue Reading