Virtual Adult Training – Poisonous Plants

Join Rosie, an experienced naturalist and forest teacher to learn all about the poisonous plants that make up our local ecosystems! In this horticultural expedition, we’ll cover species and identification, the natural history of these plants, and treatment in case of contact. Please note this is a virtualContinue Reading

Virtual Adult Training – JAM Session – Senior/Ambassador

Join us via the free app Zoom for a Senior/Ambassador JAM Session! JAMs are grade-level trainings that cover information on Girl Scout Journeys, girl awards, troop management, and making Girl Scouts a fun, meaningful experience for the girls as well as the adults who lead them. This sessionContinue Reading

Virtual Adult Training – Savannah Trip Planning

Is your troop interested in planning a trip to Savannah, GA to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low? Join Greg Gressel, an experienced troop leader and trainer, as he hosts a virtual session via Zoom on what you need to know to make this a trip ofContinue Reading

Camping Skills 3

This optional overnight class prepares leaders to camp with girls in a primitive setting. In this class you will learn and practice skills while primitive camping. Primitive camping is camping in a remote location or a site where you provide everything for yourself. Sites may be without electricityContinue Reading

Camping Skills 2

This class prepares leaders for camping in cabins without kitchens, screened cabins, platform tents, or a designated tent camping sites with bathroom facilities, water, and a pavilion. In this course, you will learn a variety of outdoor cooking skills. You will also learn tent care, pitching tents, andContinue Reading