SWAPS, short for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere, have been an important part of Girl Scout tradition for over 50 yearsThey are small tokens of friendship to exchange with other Girl Scouts and can be traded at events like service unit camporees, Girl Scout programs, or any time you run into other Girl Scouts. SWAPS are a great way for Girl Scouts to connect with others and make new friends!  

SWAPS are normally small, homemade items girls can attach to a vest or someplace special to keep track of Girl Scout memories. They are often crafted to symbolize something important to the troop, mark an event or program (like summer camp!), or commemorate a place or person.  

When creating a SWAPS, you can choose to include the first name and troop number so they can connect later. For safety purposes, it is best not to include any other identifying information 

SWAPS aren’t just for girls – our adult volunteers often trade them at events like Adult Adventure Weekend or Volunteer Enrichment Day! These can sometimes move away from the traditional SWAPS and include things like painted rocks or seedlings.  

Need more inspiration for your next SWAPS?  

 You can always search Pinterest or YouTube for great ideas. Share your favorite SWAPS and tag us at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee (Facebook) or GSMIDTN (Instagram)!