With summer right around the corner, some troops may not be meeting as much for a few months. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected though! The past year, we’ve all learned several different ways to stay connected virtually, but there are lots of screen-free and fun ways to keep up with your troop too! These ideas could also be a great project for your troop as a whole to connect with someone else like sister Girl Scout troops, family members, or shut-ins that could use a pick-me-up! Read on below for some ways to stay connected this summer.

  1. Recipe Exchange. Food and meals have a way of bringing people together sometimes, so with this idea, everyone in your troop would share a family recipe to try over the summer! You could do this by swapping recipes amongst the troop or combining everyone’s recipes into a cookbook. For the girls who love to cook, this is also a great incentive to get in the kitchen and try out some new recipes with your family!
  2. Pen Pals. At GSMIDTN, we love the idea of Pen Pals! Your troop can write to each other, or you can join our Pen Pal program to connect with Sister Girl Scouts across our different counties. Everyone loves getting mail, and this is a fun way to stay connected over the summer or throughout the year.
  3. Book Exchange. Does your troop love to read? Stay connected by reading some of the same books this summer! Girls can stay connected with their troop by dropping off or mailing one of their favorite books in exchange for another! Your troop could also start a book club and choose a book or two to read on your own and discuss when meetings start back again!
  4. Sisterhood Swap. Have you ever heard of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Modeled after the book series, this idea is centered around an item that your troop shares for the summer! In the book, they each took turns writing or doodling memories from their travels on a pair of jeans and sent them back and forth to each other. Some ideas for a fun Girl Scout twist for your troop could be a backpack that each girl can take on a hike this summer, a journal that everyone adds an entry in, or a scrapbook that everyone adds a page in.
  5. Girl Scout SWAPS. Known as Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere, SWAPS are small tokens of friendship to exchange with other Girl Scouts. They are normally small, homemade items girls can attach to a vest or someplace special to keep track of Girl Scout memories. They are often crafted to symbolize something important to the troop, mark an event or program, or commemorate a place or person, but your troop can get creative with this! These can be sent via snail mail, or you could even go a step further and send the materials for your sister Girl Scout to make their own! 

If you or your troop has a fun idea or activity for staying connected this summer, make sure to share it with us by emailing communicationsdept@gsmidtn.org or tagging us on Facebook or Instagram!