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Welcome to Virtual Badges at GSMIDTN! – a fun way to earn badges from home. Explore storytelling, experiment with cooking, or create beautiful art – your adventure starts now!

Parents and troop leaders, we have designed these badges to use common household items for your convenience. Feel free to look through the online forms and videos ahead of time to verify that you have any materials necessary for the badge.


Online Badges

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Online Patches

  • Conservation Challenge

    To complete the Conservation Challenge, complete the Earth Hour, I Tapped Out, and Project Green Tree patches following these instructions.

    Complete the Conservation Challenge

    1. Participate in the Earth Hour program by turning off all non-essential electronic devices for one full hour.
      • Turn off all non-essential electronic devices for one full hour. (Televisions, computers, lights, and anything you can think of that are drawing nonessential energy.)
      • Enjoy your hour playing cards or board games, telling stories, and more!
    2. Participate in the I Tapped Out program by turning off the water when you brush your teeth.
      • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. GSMIDTN wants others to know how we can all work together and do a simple thing to make the world a better place.
      • Keep track and let us know. Use a calendar or make a chart to record your progress. Try to use a chart for at least 3 days. Get your family and friends to do it, too.
    3. Participate in the Project Green Tree program by learning about the impact of deforestation on our planet.
      • Take a hike and learn how to identify five of the trees around you.
      • Trees have had many uses, both in the past and present. Research their uses and then record how many tree products you use a day.
      • Recycle! In your home, place a box to put all your recycling instead of the trash can. When the box is full, take it to a recycling bin or make something new out of it.

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  • Hurray for Hiking Patch (Council's Own)

    Head outside this summer and hike with Girl Scouts! Complete at least 2 hikes in Tennessee State Parks while doing some fun activities. When you have completed your hikes and activities, you can purchase the Hurray for Hiking 2020 fun patch!

    Complete the Hurray for Hiking Patch

    To earn your Hurray for Hiking Summer 2020 patch, complete the following requirements:

    1. Complete at least two hikes at two separate Tennessee State Parks between May 18, 2020, and September 14, 2020.
    2. On each of those hikes, complete two of the activities found below. Try to do different activities on each hike!
      • Complete this Leave No Trace Awareness Course.
      • While you hike, find an object for every color of the rainbow.
      • While you hike, find objects that have a name that starts with every letter of the alphabet.
      • Complete the Sound Scavenger Hunt.
      • Complete the Senses Scavenger Hunt.
      • Make a SWAP to remind you of your time on your hike. Create more than one SWAP so you can share it with other Girl Scouts in the future!

    When hiking, please remember to follow all health and safety instructions from Tennessee State Parks, including:

      • Do not visit if you’re sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.
      • Practice social distancing and maintain at least six feet of separation between you and other visitors.
      • Do not travel long distances to visit state parks. Look for parks that are a short drive from your house.
      • If parks are full, consider coming back at a different time. Consider coming earlier in the day to allow for plenty of time if an area is full and you need to adjust your plans. Follow all park rules and regulations.

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  • Virtual Tour Patch

    Everyone wants to see the world, but sometimes we don’t the ability to go to certain places. Why not see them virtually? The Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Virtual Tour patch program is a fun and easy way for you to take a tour of a place that has interested you online!

    Complete the Virtual Tour Patch

  • Virtual Girl Scouts Patch (Council's Own)

    Being a Girl Scout means you are part of a community. This community is a place where every girl can be herself and be part of a great network of other girls who all are joined in the spirit of Girl Scouts. While we often think of our Girl Scout community in physical terms like troop meetings and summer camp, it is so much more than that!

    Girl Scouts is a vast network of girls that is not tied to any physical location or place; Girl Scouts can be anywhere at any time. This patch is all about exploring what it means to be a Girl Scout in the digital world. You will experience a new or different version of some familiar activities in a virtual environment. Using your devices, you can explore an amazing assortment of activities and experiences without ever having to leave your home.

    Requirements: Find your level in the grid below, and complete the activities with a checkmark and those you are asked to choose from. Activities to complete are linked in the header.

    Cybersecurity Basics Badge At-Home Activities Virtual Tour Patch Online Badge Virtual Badge Blast Adventures Anywhere
    Daisy choose one to complete
    Brownie choose two to complete
    Junior choose three to complete
    Cadette choose three to complete

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