Girl Scout Week: Outdoor Adventure Day 2018

Today, as part of National Girl Scout Week, we are celebrating Outdoor Adventure Day and we hope you’re enjoying the great outdoors with us. We’ve rounded up five easy ways to get outside this week!

  1. Play an outdoor sport or game. Ask a few friends to play a game of basketball or create your own hopscotch board in your driveway!
  2. Go on a hike. Throw on your toughest boots and take a trek into the woods! You’ll love the sights and sounds that you’ll find around every bend.
  3. Plan an outdoor picnic. Pack up sandwiches, grab a blanket and head outside to enjoy dinner in the fresh air!
  4. Plant a garden. Try planting your own food now and you’ll be able to harvest your plants to eat later on. A garden is a gift that keeps on giving to you and the environment!
  5. Go stargazing. If you’d rather spend time outside after dark, make some hot chocolate and see how many constellations you can see from your backyard!

Have other ideas? Let us know your favorite way to get outside!