In the middle of November, a group of Girl Scout Juniors spent the weekend at Camp Sycamore Hills completing their It’s Your Story – Tell it! aMUSE Journey. During their time with us, the Juniors crafted dream boards to visualize their passions and future goals, discussed the roles women play in their community and in the media, and acted out roles the girls play in their own lives using costumes and props. The 4th and 5th graders also had the opportunity to listen to three troop leaders and mothers discuss their careers, educations and wisdom on role models and women’s roles in society. The weekend was filled with fun ice breakers, team building exercises, and even a movie and popcorn!

The girls spent a large part of the weekend learning how words can affect a person when they are trying to reach their dreams. Using exercises to explain the positive and negative effects that words can have on another person, the girls learned the importance of empowering each other using words of encouragement. During the sessions, the Juniors discussed that girls respond well to words of encouragement, support and positivity because it allows them to believe in themselves when they know others believe in them as well.

Juniors Take Action!

To begin the Take Action project process, the Juniors were asked to fill out worksheets with the following questions:

  • What are your passions?
  • What do you love?
  • What are some issues that are important to you?

After pondering these questions individually, the girls formed small groups to discuss them. During these brainstorm sessions, groups came up with a campaign to write letters and visit senior citizens, a toys and food drive for a local orphanage, and many more impactful projects.

The Juniors learned that there is no goal they cannot achieve. They know that with hard work, dedication and support from friends and family, anything is possible and they can achieve extraordinary things!