Did you know Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee’s programming is full of character-building and friendship-forming activities?

Last fall, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee launched the Entrepreneur Center for Girls, a center dedicated to providing hands-on, immersive programs for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors ready to grow their entrepreneurial skills. Girls learn how to solve problems and gain independence through fun opportunities with fellow Girl Scouts.

At summer camp this year, many older Girl Scouts have been participating in entrepreneurship programs created by the Entrepreneur Center for Girls. These programs at both Camp Holloway and Camp Sycamore Hills have included activities designed to help girls identify their passions and dreams, and turn them into careers.

Counselors in Training camp helped girls envision their dream careers. Cadettes at Camp Holloway spent time talking about body positivity and healthy habits during Spa Daze, and took a Myers-Briggs test to identify with a Harry Potter character during Goblet of Campfire.

But the entrepreneurial opportunities don’t end with camp!

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee’s Fall Product Program begins in August and is a great way for girls to earn startup money and practice goal setting, money management, decision making, business ethics and people skills.

The Fall Product Program combines educational activities with money-earning opportunities for troops. Girls sell candy, nuts and magazine subscriptions, and use the money for fall programs and activities, or save it to use for larger travel opportunities.

This year’s Fall Product mascot is a moose named Amelia. Amelia is named after Amelia Earhart, an explorer, adventurer and leader. Amelia the moose will follow alongside girls as they grow their entrepreneurship skills selling Fall Product.

We hope these programs and opportunities are both fun and inspiring for all Girl Scouts!

To learn more about how you can participate in or purchase Fall Product, click here.