It’s Make a Change Monday!

Find a small way you can change your daily habits to improve your mental health and wellness. Whether you start a gratitude journal or encourage your family to ban negative self-talk from your home, every step we take helps make the world a better place.

Ways Girl Scouts Can Make a Change This Monday

  • Enjoy some time outside on a nature walk
  • Open up to a close friend or ask a friend how they’re doing
  • Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch or join your game at recess
  • Research organizations that serve communities around you and brainstorm ways to support
  • Help with chores around your home like taking out the trash or helping cook a meal
  • Check-in with yourself and your own mental wellbeing

Bonus: Ask a friend to hold each other accountable to try out something new in Girl Scouts! 

Making a commitment to stretch your comfort zone with a friend is a great way to expand your Girl Scout troop. And now is the perfect time — we’re gearing up for Early Renewal and everyone is invited to bring a friend! Learn more at and talk to your troop leader today!