It’s Girl Scout Way Wednesday!

Girl Scouts has a long and wonderful history, but how much do you know?  Explore our place in American history.

Ways to Celebrate Girl Scout Way Wednesday

  • Explore Girl Scouts’ place in American history. What’s your favorite Girl Scout story from the timeline? Share it with someone you love!
  • Interview a Girl Scout alum! Find a neighbor, relative, older friend, or family member who was a Girl Scout. Ask her about her favorite memories and how Girl Scouts has affected their lives. Talk about things that are the same and different from when she was a Girl Scout compared to today. Learn the Brownie Tidying-Up Song from the 1960s. Then sing it as you tidy up your own space! Sung to the tune of “London Bridge.”

Weave the magic in and out, in and out, in and out.
Weave the magic in and out, for we are Brownies.
We have tidied everything, everything, everything.
We have tidied everything, for we are Brownies!

  • Teach a traditional Girl Scout skill! Whether it is tying a sturdy knot, building a campfire, or basic first aid practices there are many important life skills that Girl Scouts have learned and taught to others for over 100 years. So pick an important skill that you have learned in Girl Scouts and teach it to someone else. A younger Girl Scout, a neighbor, a family member—it doesn’t matter who you choose. Everyone benefits when we share our knowledge!
  • Bake the original Girl Scout Cookie! Girl Scouts through the decades have participated in our iconic annual cookie sale—and they’ve had fun, developed valuable life skills, and made their communities a better place every step of the way.  Celebrate the beginning of this tradition by making the original Girl Scout Cookie recipe from 1922!

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Bonus: Invite a friend to learn more about the Girl Scout history and legacy with you!

The more you learn about Girl Scouts, the more you’re able to share. And now is the perfect time — we’re gearing up for Early Renewal and everyone is invited to share their Girl Scout experience with a friend! Learn more at and talk to your troop leader today!