Happy Troop Tuesday!

Each week, we love to recognize our troops on social media and talk about their recent projects, activities, and accomplishments! In honor of Girl Scout Week, we decided to recognize several troops for their recent accomplishments, and we encourage you to share your troop’s latest happenings as well! To share, tag us at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee (Facebook) or GSMIDTN (Instagram). 

For Valentine’s Day, Troop 91 visited senior centers with cards and balloon arches to brighten their day!

We’ve all heard of food trucks, but have you heard of a cookie truck?! Taking the Cookie Booth to the next level, Troop 2163 decked out a van with Girl Scout and cookie decals to sell cookies in a new and creative way this year!

Troop 3223 used the Council’s Kick-start Kits to earn some badges and try new activities!

Troop 460 used the proceeds from their Fall Product sales to purchase the materials to make feral cat homes! They made the homes and donated them to Cats-R-Us before the first frost of the year.

Troop 608 donated and planted four small pine trees in a subdivision to help stop erosion and silty water from getting into the creek. This earned them a Tree Planting fun patch!