April is National Volunteer Month, and we are so excited to show some love and appreciation to all of our wonderful leaders! Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee wouldn’t be the same without all of our hardworking Service Unit Managers, Troop Leaders, Co-Leaders, Fall Product Coordinators, Cookie Coordinators, and all of the other leaders who help us empower girls and change the world. Although we all may be at home right now, there are still several ways that you can thank your Girl Scout leaders and show appreciation from home. Here are 8 ways to say THANK YOU to the leaders in your life.

  1. Social media shout out. Write a social media post expressing your appreciation for your Girl Scout leader. Choose a photo with both of you in it and make sure to tag your leader so they see it!
  2. Submit their volunteer story to be featured on GSMIDTN’s social media. Take your social media post a step further and tag Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee on Facebook (@Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee) or Instagram (@GSMIDTN) in the post. We will share the photo and feature it on our social media.
  3. Send a virtual thank you card. Create a virtual thank you card and email it to your leader. Some free tools to use for this are PunchBowl or SmileBox.
  4. Mail a letter. If virtual thank you cards aren’t your thing, decorate a card for your leader and drop it in the mail. Everybody loves to receive mail, and you can be as creative as you like with this. Write a heartfelt letter or decorate a homemade card.
  5. Call your volunteer to say thank you. Pick up the phone and give your leader a call to express your thanks. Having your appreciation come directly from you over the phone will be the sweetest gift! As a bonus, you’ll get to connect and have a conversation with your leader.
  6. Express your gratitude during your next virtual troop meeting. Start the troop meeting by having everyone say a reason why they appreciate your leader. Take turns expressing your appreciation for all their hard work.
  7. Send a virtual gift. Show your appreciation to your leader by emailing them a virtual gift card to one of their favorite places or mailing them a Girl Scout gift from The Cabin. Right now, The Cabin has free shipping on orders, so pick out a cute new shirt, drink tumbler, or hat they can wear to your next meeting.
  8. Make a donation in their honor. Girl Scout leaders dedicate so much time and energy into the Girl Scout Mission to empower girls and change the world! Help their efforts by donating to Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee in their honor.

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