There are so many reasons we love Fall Product season.

We love the delicious treats! (Dulce Daisies! Salt & Pepper Cashews! Is it snack time yet?)

We love the mascot!

But mostly we love seeing troops have great experiences, as they expand their business skills, grow closer with one another, and earn money they can spend however they decide!

This year was an exceptional showing of the Fall Product Program, with 494 troops participating. Whether you sold one item or 100, congratulations!

This year’s top-selling group was Troop 389 in Clarksville. And guess what: this was their first year selling as a troop together! They are an encouragement for all of us to boldly take on new adventures. Even if you’ve never done something before, with an enthusiastic spirit and dedicated work ethic, you can reach BEYOND your goals!

We asked Troop 389 a few questions about their Fall Product journey.

What did you learn from Fall Product season?

“You can make new friends!” – Kaleigh, Brownie

“I learned that sometimes it will get tough, but you just have to try again!” – Raleigh

“I learned that selling Fall Product is fun.” -Lily, Brownie

What types of goals did you set for yourselves?

“My goal was to raise $325, but instead I got $1,000!” – Raleigh

What’s your favorite part of selling Fall Product?

“Meeting new people.” – Faith, Abby, and Madison, Brownies

“I like it for the fun we get to have together.” -Danika, Cadette

What motivated you to sell so much?

“My friends.” -Faith, Brownie

“I am excited to be in Girl Scout, so I wanted to sell things so we can do more fun stuff, like camping!” – Keegan, Brownie

“The prizes!” -Raleigh

What advice would you give to Girl Scouts selling Fall Product for the first time?

“Believe in yourself and try your best!” – Kaleigh, Brownie

“If you reach your goal, keep selling!” -Madison, Brownie

Troop Leader Perspective, Tiffany- Troop 389 Troop Leader/Parent

What do you think your girls learn from the Fall Product Program?

“They all gain so much confidence in themselves. Meeting people in their neighborhoods helps with communication skills. And they learn that if they put their minds to it, they can exceed goals.”

What’s your advice for a troop who has never sold Fall Product before?

“Don’t get overwhelmed! Start with family and friends, then do door-to-door sales within your neighborhood. Tell people your goals! A lot of our customers love to support so that my girl can reach her goal.”

Whether it’s Fall Product or Cookie Season, this advice is perfect for any of your troop’s business endeavors! What are your troop’s goals??