With school districts across our 39 counties closing and businesses moving to remote-work situations (to prevent the spread of COVID-19), many of our families are finding a need for activities to fill their days at home. Luckily, our Girl Scout program has plenty of ways for girls to stretch their imagination and learn something new! Over the next few days, we’ll break down a series of badges girls can earn by themselves or virtually with their troop.

Daisy Trail Adventure Badge: Choose your adventure! Jog while you explore outdoors, or go on a hike and play games. When you’ve earned the Trail Adventure badge, you’ll know how to go on an adventurous jog or play outdoor hiking games.


  1. Choose your outdoor adventure
  2. Prepare for your adventure
  3. Go on your outdoor adventure


Daisy Use Resources Wisely Clover Petal: Daisies earn petals and leaves to make their Daisy flowers. The Clover petal is one of ten petals you can earn. You can earn four leaves too! When you’ve earned your Clover petal, you’ll know how to use resources wisely, just like Clover!


  1. Talk about Clover’s Story
  2. Make a collage using old magazines or postcards
  3. Practice being resourceful


Daisy Mechanical Engineering Board Game Badge: Create board games and engineer your own game spinner. When you’ve earned the Mechanical Engineering Board Game badge, you’ll have created your own board game and learned what inventors and engineers do.


  1. Come up with an idea for your board game
  2. Design a spinner for your game
  3. Test your game and make it better


Daisy Eco Learner Badge: Nature gives us many gifts – now learn some ways to give back by protecting nature. When you’ve earned the Eco Learner badge, you’ll have learned three ways to protect the environment when you go outdoors.


  1. Be prepared to protect nature before you go outdoors
  2. Keep living things safe when you walk in nature
  3. Learn how to protect nature from trash


Completed the steps and earned your badge? Use The Cabin Order Form to purchase badges, and we’ll ship them directly to you!