Though we can’t spend time at Camp Holloway and Camp Sycamore Hills, we still want you to have amazing experiences, meet other Girl Scouts, reconnect with old friends, and grow in courage, confidence, and character this summer.

We are excited to announce our plans for summer camp 2020 – Adventures Anywhere!


Register Adventures Anywhere Subscription Box NOW

Note: Camp box registrations must be received no later than two Fridays before the scheduled ship date (two business weeks prior to the start of the camp program). This allows us to ensure that we have enough supplies and staff to make your experience great!

Schedule: Just like in-person camp programming, each week has a theme and age-specific activities. You can choose the week that most interests your Girl Scout!

  • Muggles Meet Magic (July 13-17)

    Hogwarts is sending the magic to you! Make your own magical crafts, make delicious magical treats, learn about magical creatures, and compete with your fellow students in the virtual Tri-Wizard tournament! This week is full of magical surprises.

  • Science Investigators (July 20-24)

    There is a mystery to solve, and we need YOUR help! Learn to match fingerprints, learn Morse code, and follow the clues with fellow campers. Team STEAM activities will help you solve puzzles and escape a virtual escape room!

  • Finding Your Oasis (July 27-31)

    We might not be at Camp Holloway or Camp Sycamore Hills for a wooded retreat, but we can relax, try yoga, and make DIY kitchen cosmetics! We’ll take this time to recharge, connect with our Girl Scout sisters, and learn healthy habits and recipes.

  • Free Activities: Some of our activities will be available to everyone each week via the GSMIDTN website, social media channels, and Zoom. These free activities (games, crafts, etc.) will be planned with materials you can find at home and/or are easy and inexpensive to find if they must be purchased.

    Subscription Box: If your camper is particularly interested in a specific theme and looking for more, we have a special box just for her! These boxes cost $45 (including shipping), will come right to your door, and will include:

      • Five MORE age-specific activities and have all except basic materials included!
      • “Cabin” activities where they meet other campers via Zoom, play games, and get to know one another with the guidance of a staff member.
      • One “all camp” Zoom call-in line with the theme of the week (dance party, talent show, etc). This call will be different each week so girls have different experiences even if you choose multiple boxes.
      • Postcards so they can write and connect with other campers.
      • Swag from Camp Holloway, Camp Sycamore Hills, or The Cabin!
      • Coupon for $5 off any program in 2020-2021 Girl Scout year.

    Register for a camp box via our online form, and we’ll confirm and put your registration into CouncilAlignMENT.

    Prices and Discounts:

    • Each box costs $45 (including shipping).
    • You can purchase a summer 2020 t-shirt for an additional $12.
    • If you purchase 4 boxes, a t-shirt is included for free!
    • BEST VALUE! If you purchase 7 boxes, your 8th box is included for free!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I register to receive a box?

      Fill out our online registration form. A program team member will be in contact with you within 3 business days. Your registration will be entered into CouncilAlignMENT and you can pay via your shopping cart.

      Register Adventures Anywhere Subscription Box NOW

    • I’ve registered! How do I pay for my camp weeks?

      Login to your CouncilAlignMENT account and pay via your shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner. If you have challenges with CouncilAlignMENT, please reach out to a member of the camp team.

    • What is the deadline to register for a camp box?

      Camp box registrations must be received no later than two Fridays before the scheduled ship date (two business weeks prior to the start of the camp program). This allows us to ensure that we have enough supplies and staff to make your experience great!

    • When will I receive each camp box?

      Your box will be shipped to the address you specify in the camp form. Each box will be received no later than the Saturday before the session begins. Shipments will arrive via US postal service priority mail.

    • When is each activity going to be scheduled?

      Please see our schedule below for windows when we tentatively will hold live activities for each age group. Our goal is to have each cabin group meet at the same time Monday–Wednesday, with the schedule varying for field trips, all camp activities, and Campfire.






      9:00am-12:00pm Daisy/Brownie
      Cabin Groups
      Daisy/Brownie Live Activity
      (will be recorded)
      Cabin Groups
      Virtual Field Trips
      (will be recorded)
      All-Camp Activity
      12:00-2:00pm Junior
      Cabin Groups
      Junior Live Activity
      (will be recorded)
      Cabin Groups
      2:00-5:00pm Cadette/Senior/Ambassador
      Cabin Groups
      Live Activity (will be recorded)
      Cabin Groups
      5:00pm All-Camp
      Closing Campfire

      This schedule is contingent upon certain numbers of registrants per age group and may change slightly depending on attendance. Each activity will last for one hour – girls will not be participating in programming on Zoom during the entire time period shown. This is to give you our best guess as to when activities will be held.

    • Will my camper be doing the activities in the zoom meetings?

      We built the Adventures Anywhere program to be as flexible as possible for families. Therefore, most of the activities will have recorded videos that can be done at your own pace.  Monday and Wednesday cabin zoom meetings are designed to help the girls get to know each other. They will be playing games and doing activities that do not require supplies outside of what you might have at home. Tuesday activities will be one of the activities in the box – those activities will also be recorded in real-time and shared on the website later that day.

    • What if I can’t make each scheduled activity?

      That’s okay! Some girls will use the box as a way to connect with their troop or do projects at home. We know that it’s a bit different since we’re not all together at camp and sometimes things come up. We encourage you to attend as much as you can so you get to know a few girls in your cabin.

    • How are boxes packed?

      Staff packing boxes will take every precaution, including masks and gloves, when packing activity boxes. We encourage you to take all CDC suggested precautions when opening and using the contents of your box.

    • Can I order extra t-shirts? Is it possible to order a t-shirt without the box?

      Of course! Simply order here, and we’ll contact you about payment. Please note, additional t-shirts and t-shirts ordered without an Adventures Anywhere subscription box will also carry a $2 shipping charge per shirt for a total of $14 each.

    • I have more than one Girl Scout. Do I need to purchase a box for each of them?

      Our subscription boxes are designed for one camper and will have enough materials for only one project per person per activity as well as only one trading post item, and one coupon. We recognize that siblings might share screens for things like our Zoom cabin meetings, but projects are designed to be individually done.

    • Are you offering any leadership programs for older girls?

      Yes! Though we know it’s not the same, we’re offering CIT training this summer. Anyone who is entering 9th grade can participate, even if they have completed CIT before. This training will encompass many parts of traditional CIT training and CITs will assist in activity all-camp and Zoom sessions for girls subscribing to the Adventures Anywhere box program. To earn the CIT award, girls will need to attend a short training prior to summer 2021 and complete an apprentice week at Camp Holloway or Camp Sycamore Hills. For Summer Fun Day and Twilight Camps, please consult your director for information on how to complete this award using this training.

    • How do I get my camp name if we’re not having in-person summer camp this year?

      We know how important camp names are and how they become part of your camp memories. We are happy to announce that this summer will “count” towards your camper being eligible to receive a camp name if your camper was registered for summer camp as of April 28, 2020. Campers who were supposed to receive a camp name THIS summer – we have great news! Simply fill out this form by June 12, and we’ll respond by July 17 with your name, a tile or block to decorate and hang at camp, and a special, end-of-summer naming ceremony.

    • Can I request financial assistance to pay for the cost of summer camp?

      Yes! Simply fill out the Council-Sponsored Programs Financial Assistance Form and submit to Lanny Brown at or fax to (615) 460-0218.

    • How will I use my $5 coupon that I receive in my camp box?

      When you register for a program, scan, or mail the coupon to the program manager in charge of the program (this information can be found in CouncilAlignMENT or on the GSMIDTN calendar) – they will adjust your balance in CouncilAlignMENT.

    • Can I use my $5 coupon for another camp box?

      No, these coupons can only be used in the 2020-2021 Girl Scout year for council-sponsored programs.

    Register Adventures Anywhere Subscription Box NOW

    Email Lauren Reichstein for more information or questions