The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn.

It gives girls the chance to show that they are leaders who are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving their community. Earning this award puts a Girl Scout among an exceptional group of girls who have used their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world.

Sophie Cass, Taylor Donahoe, Evie Todaro
Troop 10, Service Unit 46
Title of Project: Volunteer Recruitment & Project Management Tools (Group A)
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Todaro

For their Silver Award project, Sophie, Taylor, and Evie worked with the Family Reconciliation Center to create new ways for the Center to recruit volunteers. The organization relies heavily on volunteers to serve the community, so the Girl Scouts created a volunteer interest form and built a web system so that the organization can collect the information. This project will help the Center continue the services they provide.

Izzy Mitchell, Mia Ryckman, Bella Todaro
Troop 10, Service Unit 46
Title of Project: Volunteer Recruitment & Project Management Tools (Group B)
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Todaro

Izzy, Mia, and Bella recognized that the Family Reconciliation Center needed help organizing volunteer-led projects, which is what they focused on for their Silver Award project. The Girl Scouts created a template to help volunteers develop and implement project ideas. Troop 10 also built an online platform to help the organization collect and use this information.

Jada Jones
Troop 148, Service Unit 154
Title of Project: Peace for the Soul
Troop Leader: Ginger Jones

Jada built an outdoor seating area for the women staying at the Safe Haven Shelter in Cheatam County. Jada worked with the Shelter to create a calm, comfortable space that has two wooden benches and a small table. Jada used strong, weather-proof materials so that people will be able to use the space for years to come.

Meli Light, Naomi Satinsky
Troop 193, Service Unit 45
Title of Project: Stop and Smell the Roses
Troop Leader: Sara Satinsky

For their Silver Award project, Meli and Naomi worked to combat “plant blindness,” which is when a person does not notice the beauty of nature due to being engrossed in a cell phone or other technology. To accomplish this, the Girl Scouts chose a popular walking trail in their community, where they posted reminders for people to set phones aside and focus on the nature around them. Meli and Naomi created a website with resources to help people enjoy nature on a regular basis.

Leilani Castro
Troop 309, Service Unit 153
Title of Project: Are You Prepared?
Troop Leader: Yolanda Acevedo

Leilani focused on educating people on how to be prepared for tornadoes and other weather emergencies. Leilani spread the word about the importance of weather radios and encouraged her audience to make a plan in case of a weather emergency. Leilani created a website detailing the importance of this topic, as well as created posters and print resources that people can continue to reference.

Cherie Humphrey
Troop 362, Service Unit 63
Title of Project: A Second Perspective
Troop Leader: Delia Morgan

Cherie wanted to focus on mental health issues for young people and resources to support them. To do this, Cherie created a website with accurate information about mental health conditions, ways to identify them, and how to support yourself or others who are suffering. Cherie’s website has been shared at her school and throughout her community.

Savannah Morgan, Sha’Kynah Robertson
Troop 362, Service Unit 63
Title of Project: Community Club Inside Out
Troop Leader: Delia Morgan

Savannah and Ska’Kynah focused on renovating a local community center. The Girl Scouts cleaned the outside of the community center, which included cleaning and weather-proofing tables, benches, and a handicap ramp. Finally, Savannah and Ska’Kynah organized future clean-up days at the community center so that their work will continue.

LaNaiya Lawrence, Aryanna Lee, AuShaundra Yarbrough
Troop 381, Service Unit 41
Title of Project: Girls On A Mission
Troop Leader: Melinda Drake

Troop 381 focused on providing hygiene products to people experiencing homelessness. LaNaiya, Aryanna, and AuShaundra worked with a church and two other service organizations to gather the necessities and distribute them to people in need. The Girl Scouts were able to establish a program between the church and service organizations that will allow people to continue to get the products they need in the future.

Anna Eiring, Ilana Hanai, Ellie Kuhn
Troop 514, Service Unit 46
Title of Project: Bees and Butterflies
Troop Leader: Deborah Tyson

Anna, Illana, and Ellie addressed the lack of pollinators in a community garden. To do this, the Girl Scouts planted native perennial flowers and plants that will attract pollinators yearly and built the garden beds out of cedar wood, which should last a long time. The Girl Scouts also worked with local garden volunteers, who will continue the upkeep of the garden in the future.

Ivy Treybig
Troop 514, Service Unit 46
Title of Project: Little Library for Nashville International Center of Empowerment
Troop Leader: Carolyn Totaro

Ivy focused her Silver Award project on helping immigrant children to learn to read in English. Ivy did this by building a library at the Nashville International Center for Empowerment, which provides services to immigrant families. Ivy also registered her library as part of the global Little Library network, so people around the world can learn about this initiative.

Zoey Helcher, Taylor Kline
Troop 540, Service Unit 157
Title of Project: Snuggle Buddies
Troop Leader: Kimberly Wilder

For their Silver Award project, Zoey and Taylor worked with a local animal organization to build beds for the dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. The Girl Scouts built 30 beds for the organization and spoke to people in the organization and their community about how to make the beds, so others can make them for the organization in the future.

Casandra Megibben, Kaitlyn Shinbaum
Troop 670, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: Bat Houses and Educational Video
Troop Leader: Krystle Megibben

Casandra and Kaitlyn worked with St. Luke’s Community House to build bat houses around the outside of the building. The Girl Scouts wanted to increase awareness on how vital bats are to controlling mosquitoes, while also providing homes to bats whose habitats are being destroyed by construction. Finally, Casandra and Kaitlyn made a slide show and video to educate the children of St. Luke’s about bats.

Emilee Bradshaw, Morgan Monaco
Troop 670, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: Council’s Own Patch: TN State Museum History Program
Troop Leader: Rhonda Bradshaw

For their Silver Award project, Emilee and Morgan created a GSMIDTN Council’s Own Patch with the Tennessee State Museum. Emilee and Morgan wanted to create a program so that other Girl Scouts can learn about Tennessee’s history while also earning a patch and having fun. The Girl Scouts created the patch requirements and activities like scavenger hunts for others to enjoy.

Zehra Jennings, Jayden McDermott, Annabella Montini
Troop 670, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: J-A-Z Box
Troop Leader: Amy Willis

Zehra, Jayden, and Annabella focused on providing food and personal hygiene products to people in their community. To do this, the Girl Scouts partnered with a recycling organization and created a box that was made out of 118 pounds of recycled plastic bottle caps that were melted and shaped into building materials. Troop 670 then worked with a church to stock the box, which will continue for years to come.

Kamari Shelton
Troop 676, Service Unit 51
Title of Project: KamariReads
Troop Leader: Maria Smith

Kamari focused on bringing reading to and increasing literacy among children in her community. To do this, Kamari recorded videos of herself reading different books and sent the videos to multiple childcare facilities. Kamari also donated books for the children to use. Kamari’s goal is for educators to use her YouTube channel to help keep students engaged and excited about reading.

Hannah Hollings
Troop 676, Service Unit 51
Title of Project: Kids Building Businesses
Troop Leader: Maria Smith

Hannah focused on empowering kids to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs for her Silver Award project. Hannah created a curriculum with activities and lessons to help participants learn leadership, finance, and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed. Hannah created a YouTube channel with a workbook to guide participants through the course.

Elayna Roland
Troop 676, Service Unit 51
Title of Project: You Matter- Moments of Motivation
Troop Leader: Maria Smith

Elayna used her Silver Award project as a platform to tackle stressful issues that middle school students face like peer pressure, self-esteem, and more. Elayna created motivational videos addressing these issues and ways to improve the situations. Elayna then shared the videos via social media and with youth organizations in her area.

Mattie Counce, Baylee Duke, Isabella McLaughlin
Troop 740, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: Charlie Daniel’s Park Pollinator Garden
Troop Leader: Kristen Counce

Mattie, Baylee, and Isabella wanted to create a garden that would attract pollinators so that they could flourish in their community. To do this, the Girl Scouts built a garden at a local park that contains native perennial plants and flowers and a bee hive. Finally, Troop 740 created educational materials about pollinators and their garden to share at a local library.

Lily Fry, Madeline Scarazzo
Troop 740, Service Unit 200
Title of Project: The Bee House Builders
Troop Leader: Laura Fry

Lily and Madeline focused on declining bee populations by building Mason Bee houses. The Girl Scouts built and distributed the houses while also educating people in their community about the importance of bee preservation. Finally, the Girl Scouts placed some of their Mason Bee houses in a local garden that community members will maintain.

Callie Weaver
Troop 743, Service Unit 81
Title of Project: Support the Paws that Enforce the Laws
Troop Leader: Cindy Weaver

Callie focused on the safety and recognition of police service dogs in her community. Callie worked with her local police department to determine what first aid supplies were needed to take care of the dogs and collected those items. She also worked to educate her community on the important work that the dogs do, so they will be supported in the future.

Caitlynn Donnellan, Mia Grzeszak, Kayleiana Johnson-Blankenship, Kalee Ramos
Troop 773, Service Unit 81
Title of Project: Girl Kits
Troop Leader: Crystal Ramos

Troop 773 focused on the lack of feminine care products and educational information at schools in their community. To do this, Caitlynn, Mia, Kayleiana, and Kalee discussed the needs with school nurses, collected donations and educational materials, and created over 200 care bags. Finally, the Girl Scouts encouraged other girls at their school to continue to donate products to support each other.

Lucy Lindsey
Troop 782, Service Unit 80
Title of Project: Rotary Park Arboretum Project
Troop Leader: Heather Sugg

Lucy worked with a park in her community to give it the classification of a level one arboretum. To do this, Lucy identified, classified, and researched 25 species of trees and shrubs in the park and then worked with the city to get the park certified. Signs and information about the trees, the level one classification, and Lucy’s project are now permanent structures within the park.

Ava Heuston, Karley Sugg
Troop 782, Service Unit 80
Title of Project: The Rotary Music Wall
Troop Leader: Heather Sugg

For their Silver Award Project, Ava and Karley wanted to create a fun, accessible way for people in their community to learn about music. The Girl Scouts made their music wall out of many different materials and included many instruments for visitors to try. The music wall is made of strong, weather-proof materials so that the community can enjoy it for many years.

Matea Brown
Troop 845, Service Unit 87
Title of Project: Precocious Menstrual Awareness
Troop Leader: Heather Phillips

Matea concentrated on supporting young women in need of menstrual products and education in schools. Matea worked to create bags that have supplies and information packets for students who have precocious menstrual cycles. Matea worked with a group at her school who will continue her educational program.

Lilly McAlister
Troop 845, Service Unit 87
Title of Project: The Giving Cubby
Troop Leader: Heather Phillips

Lilly built a box where people in her community can donate non-perishable foods, clothing, and hygiene products. People who are experiencing homelessness can then come and take the items they need. Lilly has worked with organizations in her community to collect donations and continue the Giving Cubby in the future.

Lily Arkenberg, Jacey Davis, Aubrielle Smotherman
Troop 906, Service Unit 153
Title of Project: Restore & Upgrade Church and Community Playground
Troop Leader: Jackie Davis

Troop 906 worked to renovate and build new equipment for a playground in their community. Lily, Jacey, and Aubrielle noticed that the playground equipment needed to be restored and that there were not enough seating options at the playground. To fix this, the Girl Scouts built new seating and equipment, landscaped the area, and let people in their community know about this project.

Kennedy Moseley
Troop 933, Service Unit 81
Title of Project: Open Hearts. Open Books.
Troop Leader: Thomasa Ross

For her Silver Award project, Kennedy focused on combating lack of reading skills among children in her community. To accomplish this, Kennedy created a library at a food distribution organization where children can access free books. Kennedy’s project will continue through donations from the organization and the community.

Riley Corrigan
Troop 960, Service Unit 80
Title of Project: Cowboy Community Garden
Troop Leader: Alicia Corrigan

Riley noticed that many plants and butterfly habitats were being removed due to community growth and construction. To address this issue, Riley planted a garden at a local school that is filled with perennail plants that butterflies and other polinators like. Riley worked with a club at the school that will continue to care for the garden in the future.

Emma Fields, Josslyn McGough, Lenae Myers
Troop 1060, Service Unit 122
Title of Project: Operation Help The Kids
Troop Leader: Bridget Bennett

Emma, Josslyn, and Lenae worked with a foster care organization to create a closet of necessary items for children brought into the organization’s care. The Girl Scouts gathered donated clothes, toiletries, and other necessities that children can take with them when they arrive at the facility. The Girl Scouts worked with local churches and created a video to spread the word about their project so donations continue in the future.

Julianna Glass
Troop 1067, Service Unit 194
Title of Project: Butterfly Garden
Troop Leader: Charity Glass

Julianna built a butterfly garden in a local botanical garden. Julianna worked with the botanical garden to plant flowers that attract butterflies. She also built a butterfly house and installed puddling stones so butterflies have a source of water. Julianna was able to get her garden certified by the North American Butterfly Association and placed educational materials around the garden for visitors to read.

Amelia Mason, Lilly Nichols, Alexis Warren
Troop 1108, Service Unit 158
Title of Project: Monarch Butterfly Habitat
Troop Leader: Christy Warren

For their Silver Award project, Troop 1108 built a Monarch Butterfly habitat at Camp Piedmont. Amelia, Lilly, and Alexis planted perennial flowers and plants that attract Monarch Butterflies. Finally, the Girl Scouts created a council’s own patch program to encourage Girl Scouts in our
council to sustain the garden.

Clara Owen, Mary Jackson Tatum
Troop 1150, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Gluten & Dairy Free Advice Website
Troop Leader: Susanne Tatum

Clara and Mary Jackson created a website for people with newly diagnosed gluten and dairy allergies. The Girl Scouts compiled research, data, and resources on their website to help educate people. Clara and Mary Jackson also created cards with information about their website and distributed them to doctors so that they can give them to patients.

Lydia Cromwell, Anna Riley
Troop 1150, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Growing in Agape
Troop Leader: Holly Cromwell

Lydia and Anna worked with a foster care organization in their community to provide clothing and other necessities that many children do not have when they enter the foster care system. The Girl Scouts did this by creating partnerships with local stores and other organizations that donated items and spread the word about the project. Lydia and also Anna created a diaper donation program so young children will have access to diapers when they come into the foster care system.

Abigail Britt, Brooke Gibbs, Micaela Masterson
Troop 1257, Service Unit 183
Title of Project: Community Baby Shower
Troop Leader: Carly Britt

For their Silver Award project, troop 1257 worked with an organization in their community that supports women who are pregnant and need resources. To accomplish this, Abigail, Brooke, and Micaela collected items and hosted a community baby shower for women who are served by the organization. Their service unit will continue the program for future years.

Autumn Desposito, Ellary Turner
Troop 1273, Service Unit 204
Title of Project: Spreading the Love of Nature
Troop Leader: Morgan Minch

Autumn and Ellary focused on spreading awareness about lack of green space in their town and on helping people see the benefits of nature during the pandemic. For their Silver Award project, the Girl Scouts worked with a local greenhouse to plant many plants, then gave them to nursing home residents. Troop 1273 also planted a tree and spread the word about the need for green space for a city to thrive.

Raley Asch, Klaus Endress, Cheyenne Proctor-Bjorgo, Mia Williams
Troop 1700, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: “Fresh is Best”- Nutritious Foods for Local Pantry
Troop Leader: Corrie Asch

Troop 1700 worked with a local church and food pantry to plant vegetable gardens. Raley, Klaus, Cheyenne, and Mia built gardens, used compost, and planted multiple vegetables. The gardens that the Girl Scouts built and planted will continue to provide fresh produce to many families in their community.

Madeleine Crighton, Adelyn Gurley, Elise Henderickson, Shayla Naik
Troop 1700, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: “Musical Makeover”- Organize Band/Orchestra Room
Troop Leader: Corrie Asch

For their Silver Award project, Madeleine, Adelyn, Elise, and Shayla organized and spruced up the music room at their school. The Girl Scouts noticed that it was frustrating for teachers to have a cluttered music room and it was difficult for students to focus on their music. Troop 1700 decluttered the room, built and installed shelving units, and cleaned the room so that students and teachers can use the room for many years to come.

Brooke Lindsey
Troop 1726, Service Unit 174
Title of Project: Flag Recovery
Troop Leader: Sandy Ivy

Brooke focused on raising awareness for how to retire flags and created a place for people to bring flags in the Fairview community. To do this, Brooke built a drop box and installed it at the City Hall and spread the word through the newspaper, social media, and at local schools.

Kairi Franz, Megan Swift
Troop 1879, Service Unit 204
Title of Project: Inspiring Confidence
Troop Leader: Brenda Swift

Kairi and Megan focused on helping girls in their community feel more comfortable at school by giving them access to free feminine hygiene products. The Girl Scouts gathered donated supplies and made over 100 bags that they delivered to 2 schools in their community. Kairi and Megan shared their project on social media and in their community to increase awareness about the importance of access to these products for female students.

Sophie Anderson, Shanti Boorgu, Madhumitha Sivalingapandian, Lila Solberg
Troop 1933, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Dolls and Blankets for Families at Safe Haven
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Johnson

Sophie, Shanti, Madhumitha, and Lila wanted to help families experiencing homelessness who utilize services at the Safe Haven organization. To do this, the Girl Scouts made blankets and sock dolls that will bring comfort to those who receive them. Troop 1933 created video tutorials on how to make the dolls and blankets so that others can make them for people in need.

Helen Corey, Caroline Johnson, Arshia Malhotra
Troop 1933, Service Unit 173
Title of Project: Mindfulness for Mental Health
Troop Leader: Elizabeth Johnson

For their Silver Award project, Helen, Caroline, and Arshia focused on mental health resources for teen girls and women. To do this, the Girl Scouts worked with a local counseling organization to learn about resources and support people need. Finally, Troop 1933 created helpful pamphlets and encouragement rocks people can take with them.

Eden Fauchet, Elizabeth Fauchet
Troop 2123, Service Unit 172
Title of Project: Mask Distribution
Troop Leader: Melanie Fauchet

Eden and Elizabeth focused on helping people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. The Girl Scouts realized that many people could not afford masks and other supplies necessary to keep them safe during the pandemic. Eden and Elizabeth gathered and donated masks, hand sanitizer, and snacks to the Nashville Rescue Mission for people across the Nashville area.

Jacey Chandler
Troop 2163, Service Unit 142
Title of Project: A Better Tomorrow- Recycle Program
Troop Leader: Greg Gressel

Jacey worked with the South Jackson Civic Center to build a recycling container and create a recycling program at the performing arts center. Jacey noticed that trash was not being separated at the center, so she built a container that encourages patrons to separate their trash. The center will continue Jacey’s recycling program in the future.

Jana Bahloul, Ada Vance
Troop 2203, Service Unit 152
Title of Project: Hobgood Elementary Little Free Library & School Supplies
Troop Leader: Amanda Moore

Jana and Ada created a library at a local elementary school that gives students access to free books and school supplies. To complete this project, the Girl Scouts built the library structure and collected donated items to fill it. Jana and Ada also advertised their project in the community so that others can donate items or take items that they need.

Chloe Aguirre, Kira Forehand, Layla Gross, McKinley La Pierre
Troop 2236, Service Unit 84
Title of Project: Take a Book, Leave a Book
Troop Leader: Amanda Aguirre

Troop 2236 focused their Silver Award project on encouraging young people in their community to read. Chloe, Kira, Layla, and McKinley accomplished this by building a small library structure in their town. The Girl Scouts filled the library with books and spread the word to encourage people to take books they wanted to read and leave books for others.

Addison Fuss, Hannah Hughes
Troop 2312, Service Unit 152
Title of Project: Education on the Use of Masks
Troop Leader: Ariel Wessel-Fuss

Addison and Hannah worked to educate students, teachers, and Girl Scouts in their community about the importance of wearing masks during the pandemic. The Girl Scouts sewed reusable masks, created educational pamphlets, and distributed them at an elementary school and to their fellow Girl Scouts in hopes to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Kendel Baynham, Selia Oliver, Meghan Routzahn
Troop 2434, Service Unit 81
Title of Project: Preserving the Past
Troop Leader: Dorothy Baynham

Kendel, Selia, and Meghan worked with Dunbar Cave State Park to build a platform inside the cave to divert foot traffic away from a 800 year old archaeological site. The raised platform that the Girl Scouts built will reduce erosion and general damage to both the cave and the artifacts in the area. Because of their efforts, Troop 2434 helped ensure that Dunbar Cave and the artifacts found there will be safe from damage for years to come.

Madison Lockheart, Allyssa White
Troop 2872, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: A Girl’s Survival Kit
Troop Leader: Dani White

Madison and Allyssa focused on providing support and resources to young women experiencing homelessness. To do this, the Girl Scouts created kits with menstrual and other hygiene products and information about puberty that were distributed to girls at the Nashville Rescue Mission. Troop 2872 worked with community partners to ensure this program continues.

Sydney Bosen
Troop 2872, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Planning and Planting a Vegetable Garden for a Local Food Pantry
Troop Leader: Terry Bosen

Sydney worked with a local food pantry to build vegetable gardens and provide fresh produce for the people served by the organization. Sydney noticed that food insecurities rose during the pandemic, so she built a garden that would increase the amount of produce the food pantry had to give to those in need. In the future, Sydney’s project will be sustained by the food pantry’s volunteers.

Kate Jurewicz, Grace Owen, Aniya Surtai
Troop 2915, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Leash for Lives
Troop Leader: Ellen Jurewicz

Kate, Grace, and Aniya noticed people in their community did not know about leash laws for dogs in public areas. The Girl Scouts worked to educate dog owners in their community by holding an event at a local dog park where they taught people about leash laws, plus provided leashes and other helpful information. Troop 2915 also worked with the Williamson County Animal Shelter who will continue to spread the word about their project.

Emma Ambarian, Megan Keller, Addison Livingston, Emilia Pietrangelo
Troop 2915, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Pics for Pets
Troop Leader: Lourdes Sneed

For their Silver Award project, Troop 2915 worked with a local animal shelter to update adoptable pet profiles on the shelter’s website. Emma, Megan, Addison, and Emilia collected backgrounds the shelter can continue to use and created interesting descriptions of each animal.

Sophia Cavallin, Abigail Higgins, Maria Sneed, Ava Wolkhen
Troop 2915, Service Unit 178
Title of Project: Stories for Seniors
Troop Leader: Lourdes Sneed

Sophia, Abigail, Maria, and Ava focused on keeping residents in nursing homes entertained. The Girl Scouts filmed themselves reading fun, short stories and sent them to multiple nursing homes with Memory Care Units. Troop 2915 hoped to bring entertainment and fun to those who cannot leave their residence.

Sophie Massaquoi
Troop 3012, Service Unit 62
Title of Project: Pantry Palooza
Troop Leader: Korlu McCainster

Sophie created a food and supplies pantry at the Elam Mental Health Center at Meharry Medical College. This project was important for Sophie because she wanted to help provide stability for the Center’s patients and help ease stress about where their next meal will come from. Sophie made sure that the Center will continue to receive donations so that the pantry will be accessible for patients for a long time.

Alayshia Pryor
Troop 3053, Service Unit 151
Title of Project: Lacey’s Busy Brain
Troop Leader: April Pryor

Alayshia wanted to educate people about different learning abilities in the hopes that this would increase compassion and decrease bullying. To do this, Alayshia wrote a book about children with different learning disabilities, what it is like for a child to experience them, and how all children can succeed in life. Alayshia was able to share her book with over 1,000 children and parents through Girl Scout troops, churches, schools, and mental health groups.

Sarai Short-Turner
Troop 4049, Service Unit 154
Title of Project: Giving S’more Love
Troop Leader: Traci Short

For her Silver Award project, Sarai focused on giving items to comfort children staying at a local domestic violence shelter. Sarai gathered stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, books, and other items that children often do not bring with them when they stay at the shelter. Sarai’s project will be sustained through some local businesses and churches that were partners in her project.

Hunter Harrington
Troop 5051, Service Unit 520
Title of Project: Happy Flowers
Troop Leader: Loretta Green

Hunter focused on connecting with residents of assisted living facilities during the pandemic to encourage them to feel connected to their community. Hunter accomplished this by collecting vases and flowers, arranging the flowers, and writing notes to the residents. Hunter’s project will be sustained through a church group so that residents can continue to feel supported.

Angel Craig
Troop 7007, Service Unit 154
Title of Project: Mental Health Matters Too
Troop Leader: Nicole Turner

For her Silver Award project, Angel wanted to focus on helping people her age feel comfortable talking about mental health and seeking mental health treatment. Angel did this by talking to her student community about her mental health journey and encouraging others to discuss their journeys. Angel also create brochures and information that students can access if they need to seek help.

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