2015 Fall Product

We know, we know, you like our Girl Scout Cookies. You make it pretty obvious by the way you all stampede to our cookie booths. But did you know that we sell more than just our world- famous cookies? And the best part about it is, it’s called Fall Product for a reason – because it’s sold in the fall!

Stock up on magazines, nuts, chocolate and candies this fall to hold you over until Cookie Season begins in January.

And hey, if you ever feel guilty about buying two tons of Chocolate Covered Almonds or stuffing your face with Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels to fill that Girl Scout Cookie void, think of it this way: by purchasing our Fall Product, you’re helping girls develop skills like decision making, money management and goal setting that will allow them to grow into that confident business woman or CEO. P.S. Fall Product makes perfect gifts and is sold by Girl Scouts door-to-door and online.

2015 Important Fall Product Dates

August 15-September 25: Girls begin taking orders and sending emails
August 15: Storefronts go online
September 27: Girls’ order and money are due to troop leader
September 30: Online candy/nut promise ordering link is disabled
October 17: Candy/nuts are delivered to service units. Arrange to pick up troop order and distribute products to girls
October 17-25: Candy/nuts are delivered to customers

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